February 29, 2008


Popcorn is the most obnoxious fucking food to listen to someone eat EVER!

February 21, 2008

"We're Just Talking to People About the Lord Today..."

So no cast list has been sent out still. I'm a bit nervous.


I was walking down 3rd street after work yesterday and I was given a picture of Jesus. Apparently, if I called the number on the back, I would be able to get a free movie about Christ. And I was told that "it is very non-denominational." and that "anyone who belives in Christ should have it." Am I a bad person if I don't have it then?

How do they choose who they give these pictures to? They walked past a person or two before they got to me. They didn't give them pictures. I tend to attract people who want to talk to me about the Lord. Latter-Day Saints and others of the Morman faith (The Morman Mafia...funny story, ask me about it sometime). Not sure why either.

The picture is actually kind of creepy and doesn't look like any picture of Jesus I've seen before. My roommate agrees. Now its sitting in our living room on top of the fan, just staring at us.

Well I gotta go, class is going to suck. 1.5 hours of learning about criticism--well I do the puzzles in the Life section of USA Today. On the bright side, after that I get to go to my tap class!