September 27, 2008

Why Don't You Sit Right Down and Stay A While?

Tonight is the last night of the show. I'm pretty excited, I'm ready to focus on writing for my seminar class. I made an outline of the scenes I think I need/want to put into my screenplay--I think it really helped.

I've been getting feedback on the 10 minute play I finished, most of it really good and helpful. One comment I got was about making a change to the ending, so I changed it. I don't really like it that way, so I'm pretty sure I'll end up changing it back.

My online class starts on Monday. It's a poetry class. However, I believe I bought the wrong books for it, which pretty much sucks, because those are the books that were listed online. But then the syllabus came out and there are not only three books, but three different books.

I bought a longboard--I'm excited for it to come so I can start practicing. I'm thinking it'll be pretty fun.

I need to really clean my room. It's such a mess. I don't feel like doing it though. I think I'll just watch a movie or something instead.

Title Song: 'Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?' - She & Him

September 20, 2008

I Went the Wrong Way. But I'm Not Lost, It's a Good Mistake.

It has been a while since I posted anything here, in Blogland. Things have been a tiny bit crazy lately. Not too off the wall, but it has been keeping me busy.

I'm in the opening ice breaker called 82,769 Signatures. Our rehearsals are three hours long. They get kind of overwhelming and unfocused. I think the show actually has a cool concept, I'm just really tired of the rehearsals, so I'll be glad when it's over. I'm actually surprised I even got cast in the show. I honestly do feel there were better people for the role. I'm happy I did, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I wonder if I should be on the stage while others are sitting in the audience. Then again, I feel that with just about every show I'm in--and since I'm not a theatre major, I feel I'm taking away from the actual majors.

Anyhoo, classes have been going on for a little while now. They kind of just seem like the background music in a car commercial--not really all that important. But I guess that happens, I'm sure things will start changing a bit.

But speaking of classes, I'm having a hard time in my fiction class. I spent my summer working on a screenplay--getting back into the structure of fiction writing has been really hard. I feel I've been unsuccessful. Well I got feedback from a classmate on my first assignment and it wasn't at all uplifting, but my professor seemed to like the piece and thought it only needed minor tweaking--so the mixed signals are not helping.

Also on the writing front, I finished writing a 10 minute stage play. I think it is an okay story, I need to get some criticism on it. I sent it to my mom to read and I'm excited to hear what she has to say. I want to find some others to give it the once or twice over, too. Maybe one of the professors in the theatre or english departments. I guess we'll see.

My first week at work, with the kiddies, went rather well. I'm really enjoying myself so far--which is more than I can say for the majority (if not ALL) of last year. I think the staff this year is awesome and the kids are being so well behaved, it is almost like a completely different group of children--I LOVE IT.

I think I'm going to get a tattoo tomorrow (or rather, today) and I'm also planning to get one of the new iPod Nanos in the near future. I want the orange one real bad.

I should probably get to bed. I'm so happy it's the weekend, but I forgot I can't sleep in tomorrow because I have to be at the theatre for tech at 9.45am. Which means I'll be getting up at like 9.20 and throwing on sweats and a hoody before heading out.

Oh, I have also bought 10 more movies (since the semester started) to add to my collection: Harriet the Spy, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder version. I love Johnny Depp, but that was one pair of shoes he shouldn't have tried to fill), The Baby Sitters Club, Hard Candy, Reno 911: Miami, Bobby, Sydney White, Rocket Science, The Addams Family & Addams Family Values. I now own 77 movies. That may not seem impressive to some people, but it should be consindering that most of them were purchased in the last 6 months. Oh wait, or is that just sad?

Until next time.

Title Song: 'Hanging On' by Cheyenne Kimball

September 3, 2008

It's Your Linfield. Welcome Home.

There's just something about this oh, so sad, little place that makes me want to cry.

Title: The new banners that are hanging from various lamp posts on campus.

September 2, 2008

Come On Everybody, Grab Your Bike and Sing Along

This one is funny. It's the newest in the Free Credit Report commericals.

This one isn't as catchy as the one about the used subcompact, but I still like it.

The others, for your enjoyment:

You gotta love these ads. I heard isn't that great though, because they charge you hella for enrollment in Triple Advantage, or something like that. I'm' not saying don't use it, if you need it. I'm just saying don't let the jingle distract you from listening to their warning at the end.

September 1, 2008


So, I'm not particularly fond of this commercial. I just decided that other people need to see how creepy this is. Though it is for a good cause.