July 9, 2010

You Were On My Mind At Least Nine-Tenths of Yesterday

Oh, hey! It's been so long. Too long!

The first couple of weeks I didn't update, it was out of a complete lack of a life to update on. These last two weeks I've just been pretty busy and suuuuper tired.

I still don't have much to update on.

I'm working at a summer camp. I'm there from 9ish-4:30. It goes by quickly, but by the end of the day I'm so drained. After my first day, I came home and couldn't even stay awake. I was asleep by 6:30. I woke up sometime later, ate a quick dinner, then went right back to sleep.

The first week, it was so difficult to come home and stay awake long enough to go to bed at a decent hour. But I'm back to my old self (writing this entry at 2AM ought to prove that, haha). Though, I only work Monday-Thursday, so I'm only up this late because I can sleep in tomorrow. I'm usually in bed by 11 to watch Chelsea Lately, then I doze off.

Nothing much has been going on with me. It's really just been work and sleep; that's all I've got the energy for (and not so much for the former).

This is such a boring post.Whoops. I'm sorry.

Nah, I kid. You love me.

Alright. This was a whole lot of nothing, but I just wanted to show my Blogger peeps some love.

Keep it real, Aces.

Title Song: 'My Rollercoaster' - Kimya Dawson