April 22, 2008

When Will I Get My Three Wishes?

I'm kind of less than happy with certain aspects of my life. I have no clue what to do to change it--I'm trying to keep my spirits up because its been so nice lately. Being in a good mood really helps. But I'm annoyed with life--grrr. I need a magic lamp please.

The weekend was nice though.

Anyway--its true, there's no fucking rest for the weary. Always something or someone wanting something.

I'm so tired, just completely run down.

Can we take 5 please?

April 18, 2008

I Saw a Humming Bird Today

Pretty sure it's the first time I've ever seen a hummingbird, it was awesome.

This week has been so hectic, which has been both good and bad. I've been staying pretty busy with rehearsals and classes and the like. But I've also had some meetings and I had a test earlier this week. I'm pretty wiped out.

Anyway, I have been in pretty good spirits lately, but today was kind of a low energy, blah-blah-blah, going through the motions type of day.

High point of the day: Seeing that pretty green hummingbird.


April 13, 2008

Going, Going, BROKE

I spent way too much money in the past three days.
Damn impulse buying. But whatevs, it was fun.

April 10, 2008

Te Quiero Mucho

I watched Telemundo and Univision for 3 hours today.

Planned mid-day naps are great. Much better than I remember from my early days in daycare.

April 8, 2008

Early Bird Catches the Worm, My Ass

Setting: My room, 6:42am. I am blissfully asleep in my comfy bed. All of a sudden, I am startled awake by a rumbling sound that only the Heavens falling from the sky could make.

Me: What the...?

-I look at my clock--6:42AM

Me: You have got to be kidding me!

rumble, rumble, FUCKING RUMBLE

Me: All right!

I sit up and reach for my window. I pull the blinds open and slide open my window. I listen to the rumbling as this mystery person continues to make noise down the last flight of stairs. I stare through my screen until I hear the noise stop and sound of a mountain bike clicking. The person walking their bike finally reaches my line of sight.


Confused, he looks around (My window is ground level so it took him a minute to spot me). He kneels down to my level.

Him: Yeah?

Me: Do you know what time it is?

He mistakes this question for one that isn't RHETORICAL.

Him: Oh yeah, it's like 6:45.

Me: Right. And it's always like 6:45 when you parade your bike down those stairs. I'm sorry you have to wake up so early, but I perfer to not be the early bird who catches the worm, so can you pick up your bike as you come down the stairs in the morning?

He looks confused, again.

Him: Oh! You can hear that?

Me: Yes! Very much so--for three flights of stairs!

Him: Ah, my bad dude. So you want me try to make less noise then?

I give him an evil glare and then without saying a word, I shut my window and blinds and I try to go back to sleep.

End Scene.

All I know is, if I hear that God awful noise again I am going to meet him at the bottom of those stairs, dismantle his bike and shove a tire up his ass...dude.

April 7, 2008

I Want You to Want Me

Tonight's rehearsal was fun. I got to be obnoxious.

Friday I get to put on a flattering dress and be pretty.

Oh and who told the ass with the bike to drag it down the stairs at 5:30AM? Hitting EVERY stair along the way, making the most noise a human being could make with a bike that early in the morning. Next time I hear that much noise coming from him and his bike, the douche-bag had better be falling down those stairs with his bike tumbling after.

April 6, 2008

You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive

So today was probably the most unproductive day EVER. I didn't anything at all. I stayed in bed for such a long time, it was kinda pathetic. But whatev, it was nice.

However, I completely blanked on going to work today. Good thing its just in the Student Center and no one ever goes there on a Saturday. Half the time the people who are scheduled to work before and after me never show up. I would be more worried if this were any other job, but I mean, no one even called me to ask why I hadn't shown up yet--so my guess is that no one showed up to the opening shift.

So yeah, basically I did nothing, followed by more nothing, followed by Clueless.

As if!

Title Movie: 'Clueless'

April 3, 2008

I Saw a Bee Today!

The first bee I've seen since the weather has started getting nicer. I hate bees. The one thing I dislike about spring/summertime. How can such a tiny insect make me run for dear life? I'm not even allergic. Its a rather ridiculous, yet halarious, sight to see--Me running frantically from something no one can see unless they're in my immediate surroundings. Haha.