June 25, 2009

And I Will Then Say to Thee, 'You Are My Friend'

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

My favorite song:


I got these following pictures from MSNBC.com. There were tons of pictures, I just copied the ones that stood out to me.

The picture of the girl squatting, with her head in her hand just amazes me. She looks like she just lost the only person she'd ever loved and she very well could have never even spoken two words to the man.

Powerful stuff, music.

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop


Title Song: 'Will You Be There' - Michael Jackson

June 23, 2009

Who Wants to Be Right as Rain? It's Better When Something is Wrong

Have you ever heard of the show 'iCarly'? I'm sure you have. Anyway, I heard that Jennette McCurdy (who plays Sam) was coming out with an album and I thought, 'Great another Nickelodeon/Disney star who lucked into a music career as well.' and I was going to ignore her music. However, I decided to go to iTunes and check out her new single 'Homeless Heart'.

First of all, you guys, she doesn't sing the upbeat, pop stuff that every other star her age sings, she sings country. I know, ew, country, right? But, get this, the song is actually decent. Secondly, she's an awesome singer! I was extremely surprised at how well she can sing, I wasn't expecting it at all. I mean, she's a talented actress, but it's a fact that not all who excel in one area of entertainment are good in others (I'm looking at you Shaq), so I'm always a bit skeptical.

It really bugs me that Nick/Disney play all of the pop stuff and I've never heard anything from her--I just kind of happened upon it. When Miranda Cosgrove (Carly from iCarly) had a new album coming out, it was advertised a bunch. But, I don't think her full CD is out yet, so maybe that's why. However, other singers have been overlooked by Nick/Disney.

Anyhoo, I came across her YouTube channel and she posted videos of herself singing different songs. She sang an a capella version of the song 'Right as Rain' by Adele (great singer, also) and have to say, I like it better than the version Adele sings.

I have a lot of respect for singers who can sing well without all of the doctoring of the mix board. Well, I'll stop blabbing and you can judge for yourself.

Title Song - 'Right as Rain' - Adele

June 22, 2009

As Promised...

And now, here is the debut of Jamika Scott: Child Whisperer:

Note: I believe if you click on the picture it'll open in a new window and it'll be bigger so you can read it more clearly.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed them :] Sorry that Lil Bryan (not your penis, Bryan) couldn't make an appearance in any of these comics. Ever since the first one he's been dealing with the press and dodging paparazzi--he's taking a break from the limelight, but he'll be back soon. Haha.

Anyhoo, I really am having a good time babysitting. One of the kids really doesn't like to listen...but that's okay, karma got him when he fell down those stairs ;] Other than that, though, the boys and I have been having lots of fun.

June 20, 2009

Mother, I Know You Know I'm Having a Good Time. I'm Sleeping So Little, But I'm Living the Good Life

I really want to write about my week babysitting. It's been fun and interesting but, mainly, EXHAUSTING--physically and mentally. Those kids, I tell ya. But I love children, they're awesome. Anyhoo, I'm working at City Park for the Mac Parks & Rec for the day (11:30-4), so I'll be seeing kids for a while today, too. But, hopefully, I'll come back and nap and do a real update on life. I drew another comic and started another--it's about babysitting. I think I'll make it an ongoing thing called: Jamika Scott: Child Whisperer. Haha. It's fun and keeps me busy while the boys play video games :] Well, this is already more than I intended to write.

P.S. I started watching 'Lost' again. I worked things out with Lil' Bryan--I can watch the show as long as I don't throw him anymore. That was the agreement we reached ;] (I sound crazier by the letter, right?)

Well, um, good night, sleep tight and keep hope alive, you are somebody.

Title Song: 'That For Me' - Forever the Sickest Kids (I'm really loving this band these days :])

June 14, 2009

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

So, over the past few days, I decided to watch 'Lost'. Since Brittany inspired me to watch it, I decided to chronicle it in comic form. Sorry for the cut an past job with the pictures...I don't have a scanner.

And now:

*The first word in the first panel should say 'Reluctantly'...it got cut off a bit.*

Drawing this comic was pretty fun, but time consuming. However, I might do it again sometime. Kudos to Brittany and Bryan for doing it on a regular basis.

Oh, Bryan, I'm not sure if you knew I decided to name the doll you gave me, "Li'l Bryan"...but, obviously, I did. :]

June 7, 2009

I Write Vividly to Capture the Vibe

I'm like, hey kid, walk straight; master your high.
If you listen, you can hear the eye of the city cry.

I do my best work between 2:30 and 5:30AM.

Song: 'The Ave' - Blue Scholars

June 6, 2009

For Real?

Not that I think this child from the slums doesn't deserve to have a decent life, but, damn, can a sistah get a book deal. What's up?

Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali is writing her life-story - at the age of nine.

Ali was plucked from the slums of Mumbai, India to star in Danny Boyle's multiple Oscar-winning movie.

Since the movie's release, the young actress has travelled the world on a whirlwind promotional tour.

Just months after she returned home, Ali was left homeless when Indian authorities demolished her family home. Her father was also hospitalised after police allegedly beat him to force the family to leave their residence.

She has since been offered two new homes by the Indian government and a trust set up by Slumdog's filmmakers for her and young co-star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail.

Ali's autobiography, Slumdog Dreaming: My Journey to the Stars, will be released in the U.K. and U.S. on 16 July.

A statement from publishers TransWorld promises, "(Ali) tells her own incredible story, from playing marbles with her friends beside the sewers of Garib Nagar in Mumbai, to dancing along to the Bollywood films she and her family watch on their old television set."


June 5, 2009

She's a First-Class Liar, a Constant Forgetter (She's Attractive, but Bitter)

First of all, Whitney Houston's new album is coming out in September, I think. :) Don't hate...Whitney is on her way back!

Secondly, I looked like an ass while cleaning my room today. It was probably 70 degrees in my apartment and I was walking around in shorts, a long-sleeve thermal shirt, a scarf and a hat. I should have taken a picture. The best part is, after about an hour, I had the nerve to wonder why I was so warm. Yeah, that's me.

Third! Catherine Hardwicke is going to direct an updated version of Hamlet. I guess it's going to be set in present day, at a college where Hamlet's father was the president. And, guess who is set to play the indecisive prince...Emile Hirsch. I hope it's good. I really like Hamlet and Emile Hirsch. Apparently, he's the one who suggested it to Hardwicke. The script is being written by Ron Nyswaner who has written and produced some other stuff, but nothing I've seen (or heard of actually). I really do hope it turns out well, it could be a really good movie.

Number 4. The weather here today was crazy. I did some video documenting. I compiled it into one video, but the movie maker program froze and here I am video-less and with a 'Save Project As' tab frozen in the forefront of every page I open...and it'll be that way until I decide restart my computer. But that just take so much effort. Anyhoo, I'll post that video at some point.

Bullet Point #5: I watched a show called 'The Listener' and it might be the one show I watch this summer. But I'll give it a couple of episodes. I'm on the rebound from SVU and My Boys and I think I'm just vulnerable and rushing into new TV show relations. It might not be the best move for me right now.

P.S. Along with Tina Fey, I want to be friends with Chelsea Handler...yes I do. You hear that, Santa?

Title Song: 'She's a Lady' - Forever the Sickest Kids <--- Click that! They're an awesome band!

June 4, 2009

Why Did Jamika Cross the Road?

She wanted to tell the handsome stranger about the rewrite she just finished.

Okay, so the punchline needs a little work. However, I'm pretty happy that I've finished tidying up this script. I'm proud of myself. And, I think I've come up with an official title: 'Dream On'. It's one of the lines I added during the rewrite and it seemed relevant to the script in a couple different ways--so there's that.

I have a cough going on right now that sounds like an engine that won't turn over. Delicious.

Anyhoo, as soon as I finished saving the .pdf file, I looked outside and saw that the sun was rising and I suddenly wanted to listen to this song:

Don't hate...The Brady Bunch was the shit!

The sunrise that inspired my want to hear the song:

This picture definitely doesn't do the sunrise justice, but it was still pretty amazing to watch. In reality, it's not nearly as gray as it looks...not at all.

June 1, 2009

Oh, Yvonne? Oh, Damn! Hold Up. That's a French Ass Name, Yvonne!

This video definitely made. my. day. It's so awesome. Apparently, Darrell is played by a woman. How amazing is that? Her name is Nicole Randall Johnson.

"You think a lot of men can't handle the regalness of an updo. Right? Right? You all like Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly." Oh a-my god...funniest sketch I've seen in a looooong time.