June 20, 2009

Mother, I Know You Know I'm Having a Good Time. I'm Sleeping So Little, But I'm Living the Good Life

I really want to write about my week babysitting. It's been fun and interesting but, mainly, EXHAUSTING--physically and mentally. Those kids, I tell ya. But I love children, they're awesome. Anyhoo, I'm working at City Park for the Mac Parks & Rec for the day (11:30-4), so I'll be seeing kids for a while today, too. But, hopefully, I'll come back and nap and do a real update on life. I drew another comic and started another--it's about babysitting. I think I'll make it an ongoing thing called: Jamika Scott: Child Whisperer. Haha. It's fun and keeps me busy while the boys play video games :] Well, this is already more than I intended to write.

P.S. I started watching 'Lost' again. I worked things out with Lil' Bryan--I can watch the show as long as I don't throw him anymore. That was the agreement we reached ;] (I sound crazier by the letter, right?)

Well, um, good night, sleep tight and keep hope alive, you are somebody.

Title Song: 'That For Me' - Forever the Sickest Kids (I'm really loving this band these days :])


scribblesofdreams said...

i anxiously await updates of your comic. :)

Alessa said...

As do I... You should make a comic about the life of Lil Bryan... what he goes through during the day... possible therapy for poor Lil Bryan... lol

Bryan said...

i think it's funny that you talk about lil' bryan in your blog. it makes me think you're talking about my penis haha.

have you heard the song selena gomez did with ftsk? she doesn't really sing much on it...i think it's called 'whoa oh'. and that's pretty much all she sings haha...but i like the song