August 31, 2009

You've Got Me Laughing While I Sing, You've Got Me Smiling in My Sleep

I sat down today and went through my schedule.

Check it:

Monday: 4 classes 9-3:30
Tuesday: 2 classes 9-11
Wednesday: 3 classes 9-3:30
Thursday: 2 classes 9-11
Friday: 3 classes 9-12:30

Kind of lame, not gonna lie.

Anyhoo, I've been reading the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows recently. Can't believe I've gone so long without hearing the outcome of the book, but I've managed and I'm glad I don't already know what's going to happen.

Two of my roommates are here now. It's strange, the apartment not being so quiet all the time. It's nice though, I'm not so jumpy when I hear random noises.

Anyhoo, I don't have too much to write about (obviously). Just figured I'd try to get in the habit of writing more regularly.

I've been doing a lot more writing outside of the blog world, though, so at least I'm getting stuff done. I've written some non-fiction pieces and I've been working on writing the iCarly spec script. I'm excited about it. It's coming along. Definitely as slow process, but not as difficult as I thought it might be.

Well, I'll leave you all with this:

Top 5 songs on my iPod from the last month:

5. Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
4. Love Save the Empty - Erin McCarley
3. HI-808 - Blue Scholars
2. You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift
1. Title Song: Catch Me - Demi Lovato

August 28, 2009

My Fist Thinks You're Ugly and Would Tell You to Your Face

Well, I have 114 days until I graduate. The countdown is on! Woo! Haha.

Anyhoo, classes start in 5 days. Not rubbing it in to those of you who have already started classes (Zaida), or to those of you who are not starting classes but would like to. I'm looking forward to most of my classes this semester. 75% of them.

.Approaches to Religion
.Spanish 105

Can you guess which class I do not want to take?
That's right, Approaches to Religion. I don't know if that surprises anyone. But, it's just one semester, I guess I can stomach it...but I won't enjoy it.

Auditions for the ice breaker are on the first day of classes. It's going to be Too Much Light, apparently. I'm excited. It's been done twice since I've been here and I was never involved, so here's my chance :]

So, I've been perusing YouTube and I've decided to share some fun videos with you guys. Yeah, you're welcome.

So these next two videos are from a group called Jam'N. The first video is their cover of 'Knocks You Down' by Keri Hilson (Feat. Neyo and Kanye West). It only has a part of the group singing. Then the second one has most of the group singing. They're doing a cover of 'Lately' by Divine.

That's probably one of the best covers of that song that I've listened to.

This song is apparently by Divine, however I remember more fondly the cover that Samantha Mumba did (which is still on my iPod). That's a little throw back to way old school Disney (pretty sure it was Zoog Disney times).

Okay, up next is Amber Tamblyn (of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame) doing some original poetry. She's really good. Makes me want to write more of my own.

For this next video, let it load and then skip to 2:55. There's a long intro and banter, so at 2:55 is when the poem starts. It's definitely worth it.

Well, hope you all enjoyed.

Title Quote: 'Hate: A Love Poem' - Amber Tamblyn

August 18, 2009

And I Came With An Accent

I said, 'Howzit?'
(That was for you, Zaida)

Long time no write! How's everyone been?

I've been working with Facilities Services on campus. It's been a pretty decent job--gets boring sometimes, but what job doesn't?

I had to move from Legacy to the HP's this past was so frustrating. I hate moving. But, I love being back on campus and closer to everything. And I'm ready for my finaaaaaal semester. HOLLA BALLA! Haha.

So, I'm looking for jobs/internships for right after graduation (since I wouldn't start the writing fellowship until Jan./Feb. 2011 because of submission period). I was looking into doing copy writing. I think it'll be pretty fun and I'm excited to see if I can find some cool places to work at.

I guess I don't have too much to say about what's going on with me these days. I haven't really been doing much besides working and the like. Hope all is well with you guys.

Title Song: 'HI-808' - Blue Scholars

August 13, 2009

Look to My Right and I See the Hollywood Sign

I've failed at posting / commenting on your posts.

It's been a busy week or so. Promise to do both soon.

I have been reading your posts, though :)

Title Song: 'Party in the USA' - A little Miley Cyrus for ya :)