August 18, 2009

And I Came With An Accent

I said, 'Howzit?'
(That was for you, Zaida)

Long time no write! How's everyone been?

I've been working with Facilities Services on campus. It's been a pretty decent job--gets boring sometimes, but what job doesn't?

I had to move from Legacy to the HP's this past was so frustrating. I hate moving. But, I love being back on campus and closer to everything. And I'm ready for my finaaaaaal semester. HOLLA BALLA! Haha.

So, I'm looking for jobs/internships for right after graduation (since I wouldn't start the writing fellowship until Jan./Feb. 2011 because of submission period). I was looking into doing copy writing. I think it'll be pretty fun and I'm excited to see if I can find some cool places to work at.

I guess I don't have too much to say about what's going on with me these days. I haven't really been doing much besides working and the like. Hope all is well with you guys.

Title Song: 'HI-808' - Blue Scholars


scribblesofdreams said...

"Surrounded by town folk who clowned it."

Dude, i'm seriously listening to it right now. and it started playing BEFORE i saw your blog. :P cosmic. but still, it's a pimp song. i like the line "dreamt of a crib like `Iolani Palace. Pre-Lili`uoklani legandary status." just cuz i'm thinking...where else in the US is there a palace? but i've never been to `Iolani Palace everrr! so shame. :/ but hopefully i can take you to all the places they mention in this song when you visit!

which HP are you in? fuck i wish i was back there!!! i wish i could visit. y'know, Trish told me that last year she and her friends pulled some money to use toward a trip Malia could take back to Linfield to visit. she said that she and others could try and do that so i could visit. but i doubt she, or anyone would actually put money towards it. :/ but it is something nice to think about it. if it could happen. but money's tight for everyone.

where is that fellowship? and yes you should seriously see Fanboys! it's funny even if you aren't a Wars fan.

Sidan Archion said...

I can see your TV right now. Stop watching basic cable! Not. We need to hang out. Soon.

Alessa said...

Hey! Long time no hear! We so need to hang out. Pick a day next week other than friday and we will hang out! Maybe we will even go pick up steven!

Oh, to answer your question... yes there will be a bar. But it will only be beer and wine... Because that's all they allow. But at least it is something :)