October 24, 2008

It's Just One Of Those Days...Don't Take It Personal

I have been annoyed and bothered with everyone around me this week.

I'm glad it's the weekend, I plan on doing what I want and not what I felt somewhat obligated to do. I'm not hanging out with the regulars tonight. I'm hanging out with others. I'm not going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I'm going to the football game.

I saw High School Musical 3 at midnight--it was GREAT. I don't care what other people think about the things I like. At least I own up to it, unlike others. So what? I have the taste of a pre-teen. But you know what? I like that about myself. I can be mature when I want to be--but I know how to not take myself so seriously.

So, if you don't see me this weekend, it's because I'm off enjoying myself, without you. I'm probably not going to answer the phone or respond to your texts (except you, Mom).

Title Song: 'Don't Take It Personal' - Monica

October 20, 2008


The word moist = EW.

Yeah, I don't like that word.

October 15, 2008

Fuck Racism

There is just so much wrong with THIS.

Sometimes people surprise me...sadly, this didn't surprise me one bit.

1. The term 'monkey', in reference to Black people, is just as bad as the 'N' word.
2. He turned a simple symbol of childhood into something horribly offensive.
3. The fact that people were laughing makes me believe this country hasn't learned from its mistakes.
4. If that's what it means to be a 'good American', then I must be a horrible one, and I'm glad.

I know you can't completely judge someone by who supports them, but, if these are the kind of people that support McCain/Palin, why vote for them? We should move forward, everyone, not stay stuck in the past. Why let that portion of Americans, who still think it's okay to degrade other humans and fellow constituents, win? If that happens, they'll never see that their way of thinking is outdated and wrong.

I'm not the type of person that rambles on about politics to just anyone, but sometimes you just have to speak up, loudly and to anyone who will take a moment to listen. I hope everyone is registered to vote. Our generation is so lazy sometimes that it pisses me off. We're always complaining, always wanting a change, yet we don't do jack about it. Let's cut all the whiny bull and actually try to make a difference. When will it be enough? When will we start to get so mad that we all come together? When are we going to stop being apathetic and amused and start being appalled? I think now is a perfect time. Can we stand for something, please?

"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything." Alexander Hamilton

October 11, 2008

Raisin Bran Crunch? More Like, Amazin Bran Crunch!

Two pretty funny commercials. You got to love advice as simple as 'Use Condoms.'



October 10, 2008

I Love You, Yes, And You Are Mine.

To: That couple that is sitting across the room, all lovey-dovey, making ga-ga eyes and giggling.
Subject: PDA

Dear Obnoxious Couple,

You annoy me.


Title Song: 'The Sweetest Sound' - Pati

October 5, 2008

And For All These Reasons, I Have Decided to Scalp You and Burn Your Village to the Ground

This was a lazy weekend. I spent most of my time in my room watching Roseanne and random movies. Tonight I cleaned and slightly rearranged my room. It is such a relaxing feeling when everything is all tidied up. I also went to the Gallery Theatre this weekend and saw Chicago. It was really good, I'm happy I went. Definitely the highlight of the whole weekend. It was so much better than the last show I saw there, so that was refreshing.

Early this weekend, while I was at a party, someone said to me, 'Nigga, please.' Now, this really made me mad because I don't ever say it, and I'm Black. I don't particularly like it when people of my race use it, but I especially don't like it when people of other races use it. I don't like people to call me 'nigga', I don't see it as a term of endearment--I find it offensive. I know rappers use it in their songs, so if you choose to say the word while you're singing the song, go ahead, but keep it in the privacy of your bedroom. What you do in privacy is your business--keep it that way. If it's edited out of the radio/music video versions, then you probably shouldn't say it. 'Well,' you say, 'swear words are edited out as well, but we say those.' So on that note, by all means (if you must call me out of my name), call me a bitch, ho, slut, etc.--but don't call me 'nigga'. I have never been, I am not now, nor will I ever be, your 'nigga'. Thank you.

Moving along...

I'm excited that it's October because I always look forward to the '13 Days of Halloween' on ABC Family.


Sunday the 19th: The Witches, Gremlins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze, TMNT III. Starting @ 11.30am
20th: The Haunted Mansion (Yeah...the one with Eddie Murphy) @ 8
21st: Scariest Places on Earth @ 10
22nd: Beetlejuice @ 8 -- I'm pretty excited for this one. I love this movie.
23rd: The Addams Family @ 8, Scariest Places on Earth @ Midnight.
24th: Addams Family Values @ 8
25th: Casper Meets Wendy (My favorite Hilary Duff movie...I should own it), Teen Witch (Another awesome movie I should own), Hocus Pocus (This one, too), Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Scooby Doo (gag). Starting @ 11am
Sunday the 26th: Teen Witch, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Poltergeist. Starting @ 11am
27th: Godzilla @ 8
28th: Scariest Places on Earth @ 10
29th: TMNT, TMNT II, TMNT III. Starting @ 5
30th: Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo 2: Monster's Unleashed, Scariest Places on Earth. Starting @ 7
31st: Poltergeist @ 7.30

Sadly, towards the end of the 13 days, the movies get repetitive...but oh well, it gives me a chance to catch certain movies if I miss them the first time around. I feel like they should play Hocus Pocus more than once, but oh well. I'm sure it'll be all over television this month, especially on the Disney Channel. They should also play Casper Meets Wendy more than once, too. I own The Addams Family & Addams Family Values, but I'll probably turn them on at some point.

Title Quote: Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) - Addams Family Values

October 1, 2008

I Never Dreamed That I Would Climb Over the Moon in Ecstasy

...But nevertheless, it's there that I'm shortly about to be.

I've been working on my screenplay more lately, it's really nice to be getting things accomplished. In just the short time since the show has been over, I've added about seven or eight pages; I'm just about to 60 pages now. I was thinking that if I write 10 pages (minimum) each week, I'll have it done by early November. Then I can spend the rest of the sememster sprucing it up and getting feedback.

In the time since I last wrote about movies, I have bought more: The Amateurs, Death at a Funeral, Good Burger (I know!), King of California, Martian Child, Savages, She's the Man, There Will Be Blood. That brings my total to 85, plus 3 seasons of Roseanne. However, while I was rearranging my movies, I noticed that I'm missing Georgia Rule. I actually really like that movie, so I'm pretty sad about it. It's kind of a comfort movie, I like to have it on in the background when I'm getting ready for bed or something and it's my movie. I want it back.

I practiced longboarding today. I'm not too horrible at it, I just need to learn how to turn better. I ride with my right foot in front and push with my left, which, apparently, makes me 'goofy-footted'. Fun fact.

I got my frist two paychecks from work today. I love payday. Let me prove it to you with a little scene.



Jamika is sitting in her workshop group. The group is talking about the short stories they have just written.

So who wants to go first?

Oh, I don't mind. Anyone want to go next?

BOY 2:
Well, my story isn't all the way done yet, but I wouldn't mind going on Wednesday.


They look at her expectantly.

Tomorrow's payday.

Strange looks all around.


The previous scene was based on actual events--names were changed to protect the innocent.

Just a little bit ago, Brittany and I went outside and threw old apples to the street down below. Well, we tried throwing them to the sidewalk across from us first, but they didn't break. So we ran down to get them and then threw them towards the street. The small splat sound had a slight satisfaction to it. I guess we're simple people.

It's just about 2AM...I should go to bed! I don't want to though. I feel I'm wasting time when I sleep. I'm anxious about something. But what? I wish I could say.

Title Song: '(I've Got A) Golden Ticket' - from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory