October 24, 2008

It's Just One Of Those Days...Don't Take It Personal

I have been annoyed and bothered with everyone around me this week.

I'm glad it's the weekend, I plan on doing what I want and not what I felt somewhat obligated to do. I'm not hanging out with the regulars tonight. I'm hanging out with others. I'm not going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I'm going to the football game.

I saw High School Musical 3 at midnight--it was GREAT. I don't care what other people think about the things I like. At least I own up to it, unlike others. So what? I have the taste of a pre-teen. But you know what? I like that about myself. I can be mature when I want to be--but I know how to not take myself so seriously.

So, if you don't see me this weekend, it's because I'm off enjoying myself, without you. I'm probably not going to answer the phone or respond to your texts (except you, Mom).

Title Song: 'Don't Take It Personal' - Monica

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