June 14, 2009

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

So, over the past few days, I decided to watch 'Lost'. Since Brittany inspired me to watch it, I decided to chronicle it in comic form. Sorry for the cut an past job with the pictures...I don't have a scanner.

And now:

*The first word in the first panel should say 'Reluctantly'...it got cut off a bit.*

Drawing this comic was pretty fun, but time consuming. However, I might do it again sometime. Kudos to Brittany and Bryan for doing it on a regular basis.

Oh, Bryan, I'm not sure if you knew I decided to name the doll you gave me, "Li'l Bryan"...but, obviously, I did. :]


Anonymous said...

i laughed really hard at this! and not because i'm drunk, but because it was funny! lil' bryan looks creepy, with his big ol' wild eyes haha. he looks exactly like you drew him. and i totally didn't know you named him that, but i approve. i miss you and your crazy tv obsessions :(

Brittany Dalberg said...

oh jamik, i LOVED this. you are actually a damn good artiste (with an 'e', because you deserve that 'e') It was sooooo funny I was laughing out loud (loneliness struck, once again, realizing I have no friends in this building) and then I thought "I wish I was as funny as Jamika! My comics SUCK." ALSO I kept laughing cuz i know EXACTLY what you're talking about with the Lost obsession and all the plot twists. It only gets worse.
And then, before you know it, season 5 hits, you cry at the finale, and then throw up. Can't wait for season 6. Catch up so we can discuss!!!!

Brittany Dalberg said...

also, I like your new title art :)

Jae said...

i liked it...thats pretty awsome

scribblesofdreams said...

holy shit. this is pretty much the coolest thing i've seen in a long time. i thoroughly enjoyed your comics, i even showed Mika. :P see, this is what you're suppose to do with your summer...or write a tv show script with your friend in Hawai`i...yeah. that's actually MY bad. :/ i've been slacking.

scribblesofdreams said...

true. at least we have something and we've started it. last week i had a dream about our tv show. i was actually THERE in the show, as if i was a character myself. it was kinda neat.