June 7, 2009

I Write Vividly to Capture the Vibe

I'm like, hey kid, walk straight; master your high.
If you listen, you can hear the eye of the city cry.

I do my best work between 2:30 and 5:30AM.

Song: 'The Ave' - Blue Scholars


scribblesofdreams said...

i don't know how you can stay awake until those early hours of the morning. guess i'm no night owl.

yep, Niga Higa. that kid is super funny. and i love that he's from the Big Island. and Asian. :] and i noticed the Friends dvd too! haha. i also reallyyyyyyy want Jesse to have a concert here. goddamn it!!

scribblesofdreams said...

yeah, i think ABDC is gonna have new seasons. i'm pretty sure. i mean the show has been doing so well so i don't see why not.

this past weekend, actually, Quest Crew was at the 50th State Fair. i'm bummed i missed it, but i got to see vids my friend Ryan posted. he actually won backstage passes from this radio contest so he got a meet and greet with those guys. lucky.