June 4, 2009

Why Did Jamika Cross the Road?

She wanted to tell the handsome stranger about the rewrite she just finished.

Okay, so the punchline needs a little work. However, I'm pretty happy that I've finished tidying up this script. I'm proud of myself. And, I think I've come up with an official title: 'Dream On'. It's one of the lines I added during the rewrite and it seemed relevant to the script in a couple different ways--so there's that.

I have a cough going on right now that sounds like an engine that won't turn over. Delicious.

Anyhoo, as soon as I finished saving the .pdf file, I looked outside and saw that the sun was rising and I suddenly wanted to listen to this song:

Don't hate...The Brady Bunch was the shit!

The sunrise that inspired my want to hear the song:

This picture definitely doesn't do the sunrise justice, but it was still pretty amazing to watch. In reality, it's not nearly as gray as it looks...not at all.


Bryan said...

yay! i'm happy for you! your screenplay is awesome. the rewrite is probably even better. i wish i was as productive as you. ps--i love that song! haha

scribblesofdreams said...

sweet sunrise. that's pretty impressive for McMinnville. :P the Brady Bunch WAS the shit. haha. all those shows during that time were so badass.