June 5, 2009

She's a First-Class Liar, a Constant Forgetter (She's Attractive, but Bitter)

First of all, Whitney Houston's new album is coming out in September, I think. :) Don't hate...Whitney is on her way back!

Secondly, I looked like an ass while cleaning my room today. It was probably 70 degrees in my apartment and I was walking around in shorts, a long-sleeve thermal shirt, a scarf and a hat. I should have taken a picture. The best part is, after about an hour, I had the nerve to wonder why I was so warm. Yeah, that's me.

Third! Catherine Hardwicke is going to direct an updated version of Hamlet. I guess it's going to be set in present day, at a college where Hamlet's father was the president. And, guess who is set to play the indecisive prince...Emile Hirsch. I hope it's good. I really like Hamlet and Emile Hirsch. Apparently, he's the one who suggested it to Hardwicke. The script is being written by Ron Nyswaner who has written and produced some other stuff, but nothing I've seen (or heard of actually). I really do hope it turns out well, it could be a really good movie.

Number 4. The weather here today was crazy. I did some video documenting. I compiled it into one video, but the movie maker program froze and here I am video-less and with a 'Save Project As' tab frozen in the forefront of every page I open...and it'll be that way until I decide restart my computer. But that just take so much effort. Anyhoo, I'll post that video at some point.

Bullet Point #5: I watched a show called 'The Listener' and it might be the one show I watch this summer. But I'll give it a couple of episodes. I'm on the rebound from SVU and My Boys and I think I'm just vulnerable and rushing into new TV show relations. It might not be the best move for me right now.

P.S. Along with Tina Fey, I want to be friends with Chelsea Handler...yes I do. You hear that, Santa?

Title Song: 'She's a Lady' - Forever the Sickest Kids <--- Click that! They're an awesome band!

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Bryan said...

Yeah, i read that Hamlet thing too. I have hope in Catherine Hardwicke. aside from Twilight, she's directed some good movies, like Lords of Dog Town. And Emile Hirsch is a really good actor, I think. So...i'm hoping! haha. I also want to be friends with Chelsea Handler. Even if she just wanted to make fun of me all day, I'd let her.