June 23, 2009

Who Wants to Be Right as Rain? It's Better When Something is Wrong

Have you ever heard of the show 'iCarly'? I'm sure you have. Anyway, I heard that Jennette McCurdy (who plays Sam) was coming out with an album and I thought, 'Great another Nickelodeon/Disney star who lucked into a music career as well.' and I was going to ignore her music. However, I decided to go to iTunes and check out her new single 'Homeless Heart'.

First of all, you guys, she doesn't sing the upbeat, pop stuff that every other star her age sings, she sings country. I know, ew, country, right? But, get this, the song is actually decent. Secondly, she's an awesome singer! I was extremely surprised at how well she can sing, I wasn't expecting it at all. I mean, she's a talented actress, but it's a fact that not all who excel in one area of entertainment are good in others (I'm looking at you Shaq), so I'm always a bit skeptical.

It really bugs me that Nick/Disney play all of the pop stuff and I've never heard anything from her--I just kind of happened upon it. When Miranda Cosgrove (Carly from iCarly) had a new album coming out, it was advertised a bunch. But, I don't think her full CD is out yet, so maybe that's why. However, other singers have been overlooked by Nick/Disney.

Anyhoo, I came across her YouTube channel and she posted videos of herself singing different songs. She sang an a capella version of the song 'Right as Rain' by Adele (great singer, also) and have to say, I like it better than the version Adele sings.

I have a lot of respect for singers who can sing well without all of the doctoring of the mix board. Well, I'll stop blabbing and you can judge for yourself.

Title Song - 'Right as Rain' - Adele


scribblesofdreams said...

first off, i appreciated that shout out to Shaq. i had to take notice of that, definitely.

secondly, i have to admit that i have a handful of country songs on my itunes. and this Jennette McCurdy chick isn't that bad. i might try to find her youtube page and listen to her some more. but i agree, it's pretty lame when Nick and Disney give their stupid little child stars music careers. it's rather annoying. just more ways for them to make bank, i guess.

Alessa said...

I agree with the Nick/Disney comment... Geez! Ever since Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) became little miss rockstar so did EVERY Nick/Disney star... and some of them are our age and there music is poppy and lame and directed towards like 10 year old girls... It's very very annoying.

Your Shaq mentioned made me think of how many movies I watched with him in it... Oh Shazaam... so bad... so bad...

And I also have a handful of country songs... older country mostly (and I do blame some of this on living in a little hick town where in the summer it's all you listen to).

Bryan said...

whoa, she has a really good voice! i'm surprised! on the show...i don't know, her speaking voice is kind of annoying sometimes...but she is acting i guess. she sounded different when she was talking in the beginning of this video. but damn, girl can sing! haha

ps i've been watching icarly, and now it's just another tween show that i'm hooked on. someday i'll reach an age where watching those shows is creepy (i'm probably already there)

Brittany Dalberg said...

hahaha I like iCarly. I'm glad you aren't judgin, boo.

I agree, though, I get sooooo tired of these actors that think they can do it ALL! Most of them cannot. And it's painfully obvious.