July 22, 2008

Let's Pretend We're Just Two People and You're Not Better Than Me

Wow, it's been forever since I actually sat down and decided to write about what is going on in my world.

The whole month of June was pretty crappy. Except my birthday--that was probably the only highlight of the month. Besides that night, I've only gone out once since then.

I had to move...it was such a long process. Moving is NEVER fun. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are always good things about a new place, but moving is the worst.

A bit before we moved I found out a friend of mine died in Afghanistan. He was in the Marines--killed by a rodaside bomb. Only twenty years old.

I have another friend in the Marines who is in Iraq and a friend in the Army there too. And I'm truly scared for them both, everyday. My brother is also in the Marines and he has been to Iraq. Luckily he's home safe now and won't be going back. As much as I didn't agree with the with the war before, it's even harder to attempt to see it from the side of someone who thinks its a good idea to be in either country.

To top of the rest of the month, there were multiple family issues that I won't even waste space going into.


Things are better now, however. I'm having a better summer--though it gets pretty boring because I DON'T HAVE A JOB! It's pretty ridic. But I'm working on writing a screenplay. I'm just about 40 pages in. That's FORTY MINUTES of decent character development and conflict :)

After two weeks of living in this new house (did I mention it took FOREVER to move) we finally have cable again. I've felt rather disconnected from the world--I haven't watched the news in SUCH a long time.

Right now I'm watching Superbad with my brother. It's always a nice movie to have in the background. F bombs being dropped like no other. We finally get cable and we watch a movie I can quote without effort.

Anyhoo, it's 3am. I'm going to bed.


Title Song: 'Dear Mr. President' by P!nk

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