August 22, 2008

Choo-Choo Train Left Right On Time, A Ticket Costs Only Your Mind

Today I practiced driving a bit more--yes I am a 21 year old without a license. It gives me character, what do you have to brag about? It was a pretty successful practice round. I think I'm good. My test is on the 29th. Hopefully I pass because I leave for school the next day so that gives me no time to reschedule.

Tonight we threw a slumber party for my cousin, Shawna. She turns 9 tomorrow. I love that girl to death. We've been close since the day her mom first brought her to my house when she was a wee new born. Back then she was the little sister I always wanted. Now, she's the closest I will come to having a child for a looooong time. Yep, she's my pride and joy.

I'm supposed to be going out tomorrow night for one last hurrah since I'm leaving next weekend. Hopefully things don't fall through. I'm supposed to be going to club for a friend of a friend's birthday party. Honestly, it's not how I want to spend my last Saturday night in town. I actually have an alternative in mind--a more preferred alternative. But I don't know what will come of that.

On another note: I walked into my room today and my cousin's wallet was sitting there and next to it was that nice, new, Doublemint Slim Pack. All I can say is, great job Wrigley and Chris Brown--you've reached your targeted consumer. 25% of the people in this household went for your advertisment.

Title Song: 'My Name is Jonas' by Weezer

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