August 14, 2008

Jump in the Crowd, Spark Your Lighters, Wave 'Em Around

So I've decided to move from my old blogging website to this one. I used blobspot for a while and then deleted it and now I'm back. I guess I'm a fickle blogger. But I think I'll stay with this one for the rest of my blogging life. I'll try to transfer some of my other posts to this one--just because.

I go back to school in a little over a week. I'm pretty excited to get back to campus, move into my apartment and get settled. It'll be nice. This school year should be a decent one.

I hope the check for my loan to come. I've had to send the same information to them everytime because they keep losing pages of the fax. I feel like I shouldn't have to keep sending it, seeing as how it's their fault.

I need to start packing--efficiently. I'm the worst packer ever.

Title Song: 'Homecoming' by Kanye West

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