August 26, 2008

Meet Me At The McDonald's Parking Lot

So Today I was bustin a flow--you know, freestylin--like I always do. I was into it. I had the whole crowd's (my brother) attention. It came time for my stunning finale. Finale = Me flopping down on the bed with the attitude of a thug. Anyway, so I had just spit my last line and I hopped into the air and folded my arms simultaneously--everything is going smooth. When it came to the landing, however, as soon as I hit the bed, the box spring came off the railing and the box spring, mattress and I all fell through to the floor.

In light of this event, I have to say that I'm positive Janet's nipple slip wasn't on purpse. I mean, you rehearse and rehearse and you think it's perfect and then the big show comes and there's a wordrobe/prop/set malfunction. Okay, so I hadn't actually rehearsed this performance of mine--I just kind of got the inspiration to rap--but I've been sitting on this bed all summer and it not once gave me reason to believe it was faulty.

Oh well, it was a great show and the new finale may have to be incorporated into future shows--just for the sake of laughs (because me trying to rap isn't funny enough).

I only wish I had been filming this impromptu jam session.

Title Song: 'Parking Lot' by Nivea

1 comment:

Don said...

According to her declining concert and album sales, Janet might be ready to get butt-naked.

I agree, she did the nippleage on purpose.