December 1, 2008

Don't Tell Me You're Sorry, Cause You're Not

When I know you're only sorry you got caught.

I just hate when people get called out on something and try to pretend that they're better for it when, in all actuality, they're not going to change. I hate that I let myself get hella (yeah, I said hella) peeved when certain people are just being who they are. It's just that some people are, to quote T.I., "piss poor morally." They put on this show like I'm the bad guy for speaking my mind, when they're the ones who basically asked for it when they treated me like shit.

But you put on quite a show, Really Had Me Going. But now it's time to go. The curtain's finally closing.

I think I need to avoid people for a little while. I've been really irritable today, it's not good. I just feel like I need to be away from the masses for the sake of the feelings of certain people. I need some time to get over whatever mood it is that I've fallen into. We're going to have a going away party for a friend soon, so that is when I'll take myself out of this time-out. I don't want to blame my bad mood on others, because I know it's me who controls my mood. But I want you (yes, you) to know that your fakeness is what triggered it.

Yeah, that was quite a show; very entertaining. But it's over now. Go on and take a bow.


I wanted to write something to submit to the literary magazine, but I've hit a huge writer's block and it is pissing me off. I can't stand it, it's very irksome. Maybe I should just sit down and write--even if the writing is crap, at least I'll be writing. I think that'll be the best/only way to get through it. But the deadline is Wednesday and I don't think I'll be able to get something together by then.

While on the subject of writing, I was thinking of coming up with a nom de plume, a literary double...put simply, a pen name. I have a couple ideas in mind of what it could be, but nothing for sure. I read somewhere that people whose first and last names start with the same letter have more luck/success. Maybe I'll come with a name like that. We'll see, I guess. One day some alliterated name will burst on to the scene and you'll wonder if it's me. Well, I hope you'll at least think of me. No, really, think of me.

It's Christmastime--well it's December, which means I can officially start listening to Christmas music loud enough for others to hear. I sneak some Christmas music year-round, but no more hiding it now. It puts me in a good mood...something I'm in need of.

Well, I think I'll go write...or something. I just need a good case of insomnia, that's all. Say, 'Good luck, Jamika.'

Good luck, Jamika.

Title Song (and other italics): 'Take A Bow' - Rihanna

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