July 30, 2009

I Learned Fried Chicken at the School of Hard Knocks

Alrighty, I have a favor to ask of you guys.

I mentioned that I was going to be writing a spec script. I took Bryan's idea of writing an episode of 30 Rock (thanks :]), but I was also looking to do another show because the guidelines mentioned that if they were having troubles choosing they might ask for more writing. That being said, I was thinking of doing an episode of iCarly (to show that I can write for a younger group as well) and possibly Lincoln Heights (ABC Family) to show that I can write something a bit more dramatic and because it's an hour versus a half.

Now, about that favor. I will, for sure, be writing a 30 Rock script and an iCarly script, my question to you guys: Are there any situations that you haven't seen them (characters on either show) in that you'd like to see them in. I have a few ideas, but I'm trying to see what others would be interested in, ya know? Just spout off any random ideas that you might have. I'm excited to get writing soon and hopefully you guys will be willing to give me some critiques :]

I have to say I love the little blogging group we've got going on here. It's a nice way to keep up with you guys.

Title Quote - Tracy Morgan as 'Tracy Jordan' - 30 Rock


scribblesofdreams said...

i can't really help you with that favor. i've never watched either of those shows, so i don't know the characters that well to give you a situation or anything like that. sorry dude. :/

i hope you like chapter 2. :)

i can't download torrents at all, which is super annoying. because it can download a little bit, like 1% and then it just stops. ergh.

finally the weather has been better and it's a lot cooler here too. but i still like sitting in the garage where there's a breeze.

OH! i forgot your phone isn't functioning so i sent you a text. but i wanted to say that i started watching Dead Like Me and i reallyyyyy like it a lot. i'll probably watch the whole series if i can find it online.

Bryan said...

i also really like our blogging group! it's nice to keep in touch with you all this way, and bounce ideas off of each other and stuff.

so...i think it would be cool if we saw kenneth's family on a 30 rock episode. because as of right now, we've only really seen his cousin. so it might be fun to do an episode where they come into town. and maybe liz has a dream that her and jack had sex, and everytime she sees him she thinks about it, and she's all confused,thinking she might 'more than like' jack...but by the end of the episode, she realizes that she doesn't...

i don't watch icarly enough to give you ideas about that one. i've only seen it a few times. but it is a good show. maybe you can write an episode about someone famous seeing her webisodes and wanting to cast her in a movie? that just happened with funny people, actually. judd apatow saw this one guy's web show on youtube, and put him in the movie, and now they're writing something together.

sorry, that was a way long post. hope it helps give you more ideas!

Alessa said...

Oh I agree with Bryan... I would love to see Kenneth's family... I think Kenneth my be my favorite. Oh you know what would be funny is if Kenneth saved Tracy's life or something and Tracy had to repay him... so he has to pretend to be Kenneth's best friend and Kenneth makes him do a bunch of dorky stuff... like butterfly breading or something much worse. Or maybe Jenna falls in love with Kenneth because she went to a voodoo witch doctor because she thinks it will help her get into character by becoming the character mentally... and instead she falls in love with Kenneth and can only come out of it with the word: pickled beets or something crazy... canned opossum, etc.

Hoped that helped. Also, I have never seen iCarly, but good luck!