February 8, 2010

Vote Joy

Hello Friends,

I want to take a moment to ask you guys to vote for a great cause. Pepsi, through their Pepsi Refresh Project, gives away $1,300,000 each month to fund different ideas. This month, the Joyful Heart Foundation is in the running to win a $250,000 grant.

The Joyful Heart Foundation was founded by Mariska Hargitay, who plays Det. Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU. Because of the subject matter of the show, and the outpouring of personal stories she receives from viewers, she was compelled to start this organization to help survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.

I think anyone who has ever called or text me to ask what I was doing, knows that I'll often respond, "Watching SVU." I absolutely lovelovelove the show. However, I don't want any of you to think that my love of the show is the reason why I'm asking you to vote for this organization. I would like you to vote for it because the Joyful Heart Foundation is doing wonderful and selfless things for numerous men and women. I'm voting for it because it is a cause I care deeply about and one that needs, and deserves, as much awareness as possible.

What You Do:

When you go to the site, you click 'Vote for this idea'. A window will pop up and from there, you can log in through your Facebook account with just a click of a button. After you connect to Facebook, the page will refresh and you'll need to click the 'Vote' button one more time to actually cast a vote. You can also access the site through a Facebook application.

It's really very simple; you don't have to sign up for anything. You get 10 votes per day and you can vote everyday (only one vote per organization, per day, however). I encourage you to take some time to read up on this cause, and the other causes that are in the running for grants, and make an informed decision, as you should with any vote.

The voting is open until February 28th, so please do your best to remember to vote everyday until then. 

Feel free to leave a comment simply to say that you voted, or to mention other causes in the running that you want to bring attention to.

My sincerest thanks,


StormyWolf said...

Voted for this one and 9 others. It's really a great program, even if I don't drink Pepsi or Pepsi products very often. I'll definitely be voting daily!

scribblesofdreams said...

Voted. :)

I'm kinda like that with my FB status and Twitter. I'd like people to see the most recent update I make, so sometimes even though I have the urge to tweet something else, or change my status, I keep the better on up longer. XP Funny how we do these things and think this way, right?

To be honest, I've never seen Big Daddy. I'm not so much an Adam Sandler fan. It's not like I won't see anything with him in it, I just don't go out of my way to see them. Although he has done some pretty amusing movies, I have to admit.