May 23, 2009

Love, Save the Empty

This week has been a long one, that's for sure. It was the last week of classes, so that's cool. Though, I really am going to miss American Lit. and Non-Fiction. They were two of my favorite classes. Non-Fiction, for sure, is in my top 3 favorite classes I've taken here. Finals next week. Nothing too intense for me. I won't be dead from cramming for tests--you gotta love being a creative writing major!

So, I think my favorite thing of the week, this week, was watching the show 'Glee'. It's such an awesome show. Apparently, though, this was just a teaser episode because the series doesn't actually start until the fall...WTF? I was hoping to have the show all summer when I had nothing else to do...I might be busy in the fall :(

Okay, wait, I lied. I think my favorite thing this week was my teleconference with Zaida. Haha, it sounds so official :)

Last night, there was a celebration for the ending of classes/graduation and at some point in the night I decided to longboard. The first time I did it, I was fine. The second time I turned too sharply and flew off the board. I guess I shouldn't have tested my luck. My only regret? Not having it on film, it was hilarious!

At the moment, I can hear someone yelling at someone else. There's all kinds of F-bombs being dropped out

There's this trend going on in the world where every guy seems to want to date girls that are years...years younger than them...what's up with that? I asked a guy last night and he said it's because girls his own age are way more mature than him, so he needs to find someone on his level. It was kind of a compliment, but it still sucks. I guess I'll have to start searching for guys that are about 3-5 years older than me. That's strange. We'll see how that goes. I'll never find a guy as long as I'm at Linfield...but that is something I already knew, haha. I've stopped looking.

But, anyway, I'm going to go do work, son! But I leave you with a clip from 'Glee'. I wanted to find the audition scene, but I couldn't find it on YouTube. However this scene is just as good. Also, randomly, the video is mirrored. So it looks just like the show, only everything is flipped...straaaange. Enjoy and go watch the whole episode on or :)

Edit: The video cuts off some because of the width of the clip, but if you click it it'll take you to YouTube and you'll be able to see it there.

Title Song: 'Love, Save the Empty' - Erin McCarley

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scribblesofdreams said...

that's the awesome thing about english. for the most part, none of the finals are hard.

haha, our teleconference was pretty badass. although i am sorry i haven't had time to talk with you again. stupid busy schedules all at once! god, i'm so fucking tired. i got up early to go get shit for my friends for grad, then i came home and had to wash my hair. we're gonna leave in a little to go movies with my dad. then i gotta come home, get ready and go dinner and the grad. and after i dunno what Tiana wants to do. hopefully she'll be cool with just driving me home. i'm so ready to crash.

BUT ANYWAYS. Glee should be fun. i was talking with my friend Kameron last night that it's about time that there's a show about theatreish stuff.

i agree with the guys dating younger girls thing. it's trippy. unfortunately, not even older guys are interested in me. what the duck. oh well.