January 4, 2010

100 Things: Bienvenido a la Escuela de J. Cordelia

New additions to the list are in boldface.

1. I like knowing the title of TV show episodes so I can figure out why the writers named it so. Most of the time it's easy to see, sometimes it makes no sense and other times it's a bit abstract and can be taken many ways.

2. I like to read my horoscope at the end of the day to see if it was right. I don't like to read it beforehand on account of that thing called, "the self-fulfilling prophecy."

3. I frequently have deja vu.

4. I constantly run through dialogues in my head (sometimes out loud). I like to remember what people say and how they phrase certain things. If something particularly stands out to me, I'll write it down and use it in something I write. So, a lot of you have been quoted in my writing, FYI.

5. I have a lucky sports bra.

6. I published poetry years ago using a meaningless nom de plume (pseudonym, pen name, what have you). I will never tell you what that name is, or the titles of any of the poems, because the poems are cheesy and I'm somewhat (aka extremely) embarrassed that I wrote them.

7. On the subject of pen names, I've been trying to come up with another one (for quite some time now) that is meaningful, in the event that I have to use one again. I've narrowed it down to a few, but nothing is set in stone yet.

8. I've still got my wisdom teeth. They have pretty much completely grown in.

9. I love walking down the laundry detergent aisle at supermarkets, it's one of my favorite smells.

10. Speaking of supermarkets, one of my favorite shows used to be Supermarket Sweep.

11. If I use a bathroom other than my own and the toilet paper roll is under instead of over, I'll switch it before I use it.

12. If I could choose a skill to excel at, it would be tap dancing.

13. I've kept every journal I've ever written in since the 6th grade, with the exception of one. It was a particularly bad year, so I burned it.

14. I've recently started naming my journals. The one I'm writing in now is named Sidra and it means 'star born'. The one before that was named Deirdre, which means 'sad one'.

15. I love sunflower seeds. Always have. My favorite brand is David Sunflower Seeds.

16. I have a list, an actual list, of funny women I want to be friends with. The list includes:  Chelsea Handler, Regina King, Tina Fey, and Sandra Bullock. 

17. I'm super reclusive. I'm surprised I have friends.

18. My favorite candies are Sugar Babies, Haribo Gold Gummy Bears and Peanut Butter Twix.

19. At some point, in the last couple of weeks, I've started to use the word 'super' again. I feel like a nerd. 

20. I had more guys buy (not pick from their neighbor's yard) me flowers in elementary school than I have since I started "dating".

21. One of my favorite shows to watch when I was younger: NewsRadio.

22. I miss the days of good TV show theme songs.


Alessa said...

So far... all things I had no idea about. But even if you are embarrassed about the poems I think it's pretty cool that you published anything. Very cool. Good luck with the pen name. I used to think of pen names too... I never came up with anything that stuck.

Very cool stuff so far.

Bryan said...

all interesting things so far. i like the thing about reading your horoscope at the end of the day. i should do that.
i have a poem published too, from when i was in the sixth grade...it was written for religion class, and it's about God haha. it's published in some anthology. i'm not too proud of that
i also used to think of pen names. bt bove, b thomas bove, bryan thomas bove...or i've thought of using my grandma's maiden name, fischer...and doing something like fischer thomas...i don't know. if i thought of one today, it would be something french. since i'm obsessed with all things french.

scribblesofdreams said...

1. sometimes episode titles really don't make sense, so then i usually have to imdb it or something to figure out why it was named what it was. or i ask Mika. and she usually gives me a bullshit answer that i find amusing and go along with.
2. i think that's smart, reading it at the end of the day. a few months ago i started putting my itunes on shuffle when i turn my laptop on in the morning, and whatever song plays first, i try to see how that song could play into my day. kinda like a music-horoscope.
3. i just had that at work last week. it hasn't happened to me in a long time. kept happening up at Linfield though. hmm, maybe it's something in their water.
4. good plan, quoting. i do that too, use what people have said that i like and use it in my writing. :P
5. ...yeah...no comment.
6. are those poems as bad as those that your ex-boyfriend wrote for you?! because THOSE were pretty bad. :P
7. i used a pen name on fanfiction.net when i first started writing fanfics. but i kept my real initials though.

Alessa said...

OH MY GOD! I love supermarket sweep! I used to watch it all the time!

Brittany Dalberg said...

you're a "super" nerd. haha, but really, you have lots of friends. And they all love you, even for your reclusive ways.