January 6, 2010

If I Could Give You the World On a Silver Platter...

Would it even matter? You'd still be mad at me.

So, to incorporate my new 'I've come to realize...' bit, I've renamed this day: 'Talk About it Tuesday'. Sorry for those of you who enjoyed 'Text & Twitter Tuesday'...it's gone into an early retirement. But, maybe it'll make a comeback a la Michael Jordan (but it'll be a good comeback. Like when he left to be a crappy baseball player, but then came back to the Bulls in a blaze of glory, managing a second 3-peat. Not the mistake-of-a-comeback when he bought, and then played for, the Wizards and his only stand-out 'achievement' was being the first 40-year-old to score 43 points in a NBA game [sorry for the long tangent]).

I'm going to be heading back to Mac-Town on Sunday. I love Jan-Term and I think I'll love it more this time, now that I won't have to worry about what grade I'm going to get. I'm so happy I'm done with doing homework. Fuck (excuse my French [and excuse me for blaming the French]) homework. Anyway, I'm also super excited because I'll be able to see the movies Miguel is screening for the scripts class. And the movies, Bree informed me, are: The Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, Precious and The Lovely Bones. I'm beyond ecstatic! All movies I want to see.

I don't think I ever wrote about my New Year's Eve. It was awesome. I spent it with the kiddies again. I think they had a really good time. I'll have to post some videos later. They're really funny. They're jerking and dancing to Thriller. I love it.

So I started writing this post on Tuesday, it's now Wednesday. I'm still going to post it as if it were a Tuesday. I got temporarily distracted. Meaning: I got a call from my aunt about a birthday party, and now, 8 hours later I'm back (slightly intoxicated) to finish this post. I'm dedicated. Fo sho. Anyway, I'm supposed to be doing this new 'Talk About it Tuesday' (BTW, Tuesday is a hard word to spell under the influence) so:

I've come to realize negativity is contagious.

I've noticed that I have friends who are extremely negative people. I love them a lot, but they constantly put others down, or point out others' shortcomings. I realize that when I'm with them, I fall into it, too. I don't like it. It makes me feel gross and petty afterwards. Tearing others down isn't what I want to be about, not at all. It takes a lot of effort to find reasons to hate on someone. Frankly, if I don't like someone, I don't want to spend time making them the center of my world by talking about them any chance I get, I want to forget them and move on. Spending time hating on someone isn't something I want to do, it's exhausting. I have better things to put my energy into. I'd rather do big things that cause someone else to hate on me; let those fools waste their energy wondering how I did what I did, and then let them sit around hating on the fact that I pulled it off (though, no one should hate on anyone for any reason).

I also don't like the negativity of judging. I mean, we all judge people to a certain degree. But it bugs me that people judge on things that don't even matter. I have an eclectic taste in a lot of different things: music, movies, art, TV shows, extra-curricular activities, etc. But if there's a certain something I don't like, I don't automatically judge someone who does (I mean, unless it's murder or animal sacrifice or something major, you know?). I might give a friend a hard time, but I don't take me seriously. I'm talking about people who constantly judge. The worst part about it is, they want to turn around and say, "Don't judge me." It's so stupid--you can't be exempt from judgment if all you do is judge (pot, meet kettle). Judge someone on things that will really effect a friendship, not whether or not they like Marilyn Manson.

Really, I hope you guys get what I mean. Negativity spreads and spreads. If a group of people is in a good mood and one person comes up and starts to spread negativity and hate, it brings everyone down. Don't fall into the negativity trap. It's a hard one to come out of.

Stop judging others on things that don't matter. But, Jamika, you're probably thinking. How can I like someone who likes things that I don't like--someone that is doing the things they want to do instead of living by my expectations? Simple. Just do it.  There would be a lot less negativity if we stopped worrying about others. What everyone needs to do, as Katt Williams said, is get in tune with your star player. Your star player = you. Figure out yourself and stop hating on others. The world would be a much better place without the constant hating and negativity from bitter people. Let me get slangy for a minute: If it ain't puttin you in any danger, why you trippin, girl?

Okay, my rant is over. Hopefully you guys took something from this (ahem) influenced speech. Happy Tuesday (yes, I know it's officially Wednesday, STFU).

Title Song: 'Hate On Me' - Jill Scott


Brittany Dalberg said...

You sure know a lot about Michael Jordan. What's sadder is I read that whole tangent as Michael Jackson and thought "he did NOT do all that..."

scribblesofdreams said...

Dude, I know. MJ as a baseball player sucked balls. I thought it was funny how they put that in Space Jam, remember that movie?! It was fantastic. One of my childhood favorites; I abused that VHS until its passing.

Don't ever apologize for blaming the French. :) I never do.

Dude. Marky Mark is a fucking BADASS in The Lovely Bones!!! Even with his ridiculous 70s hair! Ah! I love it. Is Bree taking that class again? Jesus, that's three in a row.

Saw the twitvid of them jerking to Keke Palmer. XP

For some reason I thoroughly enjoyed this line: "I'd rather do big things that cause someone else to hate on me."