January 8, 2010

Just Lots of Good Will, and Maybe One Small Thrill

But there's nothin' dirty goin' on.

Hello and happy, happy Friday, friends. How're things treating you all? I don't have a [Non]Fiction Friday post for you guys, but I do have something else. Remember back in the day when I said I was going to do a video blog? Well... 


So, yeah. Hopefully those weren't too boring. I tried to keep them kind of short. There's another video I want to upload, but I have to finish editing it. I wanted to get these two up before the weekend since they should have been posted on Wednesday and Thursday. I was going to post them both yesterday, but they took about an hour or two (each) to upload to YouTube. It was super frustrating. 

I had a video for [Non]Fiction Friday, but it was late and I was too tired to edit it. So I probably won't post it. 

Well, kids, I hope your Friday is treating you with respect. Mine is going well. I'm getting ready to head over to my aunt's house for a bit, but maybe I'll come back so I can edit that video and post it. I think you guys will get a bit of a kick out of it.

Title Song: 'A Lil' Ole Bitty Country Place' - The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas


Alessa said...

Ok, first off, I love your new hair! It's in a pony tail. Looking sexy.

I love the video blogs. Very 2010. I used to keep a journal back in the day. We had to keep one for school. Mine journal sounds very similar to yours. I went to the mall, blah blah blah. Very similar. I love revisiting that stuff because I like to see how I have changed. Plus my writing/penmanship has change drastically. I loved Lisa Frank. If I ever bought school supply it had to be Lisa Frank.

Welcome to Goodburger, home of the Goodburger, can I take your order? Nice... I remember when that was just an All That skit. Oh All That, the SNL for the Nickelodeon group. Use to watch those shows all the time, the Amanda Show, All That, Kenan and Kel, and going even further back, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Klarissa explains is all, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Are you afraid of the dark... So many good shows.

I LOVED SPACE JAM. I used to watch that all the freaking time. I had the CD as well. Some of my favorite movies were... Furngully, Rockadoodle, Space Jam, all Disney Movies, Harriet the Spy, almost any movie Nick put out. So many, it's hard to remember them all.

This blog brought back sooo many good memories. :)

scribblesofdreams said...

I'm a dork and needed to take notes on your videos. :P First off, vlogs are way cool. Wish I had a good webcam to use. I don't think I liked Lisa Frank. I know Mika did, because I remember we'd have folders, notebooks and stickers around the house.

DUDE. My friend Tiana and I have been trying to find the DVD of Good Burger here since I got home last year! Every time we go out we usually end up at Walmart for some reason, and every time we try to look. But no luck, ever! You've seen Be Kind, Rewind right? The rewind sticker reminded me of it. I wish it got more publicity and more people knew about it and watched it. It's cool since they really did film in on location with real city residents.

I just saw on half.com that there's a 3-pack of all Mighty Ducks on DVD. I was tempted to buy it, but I was just browsing that day. :P Since I did buy 4 a few days before, hehe.

MKA. Mary-Kate and Ashley were my obsession too. I liked Double Double, Switching Goals, Our Lips Are Sealed and Passport to Paris. AND the guy with the blackhair from Passport to Paris (who ended up with Mary-Kate) is Patrick Verona on the 10 Things tv series. :P All grown up of course.

You should have your own talk show. That'd be fun. :)