July 24, 2009

Eyes Up to the Sky, She Sighs, 'I Need Nobody'

True, indeed, Sister, but you still need everybody.
Because we hardly know ourselves if we know nobody else.
And only in our loneliness can home become a hell.

It has definitely been a while. How is everyone?

It's been a long week--not in a bad way. I feel I've gotten quite a bit done--writing, reading, job-hunting, future job-hunting and some other odds and ends. Coolest thing I did this week was watch the International Space Station fly over Oregon. It's crazy to think that that quick-moving light is actually housing people.

Have any of you heard of the show Dead Like Me? I just started watching it. It's only two seasons, and there's a movie as well. I just randomly came across it on hulu.com. It's actually pretty interesting. It's about 18 year-old Georgia, who gets killed in a freak accident. Instead of going to heaven or hell, she is forced to become a grim reaper. You should check out an episode or two if you get the chance.

I haven't been able to use my phone for a little over a week now, so I've been pretty disconnected from people in that way. If anyone has tried to text/call me, I'm not ignoring you :] Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or here are the ways to get in touch with me these days.

So, I've been looking into applying for writing fellowships with different television companies. It's definitely something I really want to do. In order to apply I have to write a spec script. I have to choose a television show (30 or 60 min. show) that is currently in production and write an episode. I have to capture the characters correctly and portray them convincingly in whatever situation I decide to put them into. Any suggestions of shows I should consider?

Well, sorry for being MIA lately.

Title Song: 'Sagaba' - Blue Scholars


scribblesofdreams said...

i heard of Dead Like Me but i never watched it before. i don't know what station it's on though. i might try and look for it now, but not on hulu, because i can't play hulu videos on my laptop. >_< actually, the only ones i can successfully play all the time are youtube vids. BY THE WAY. did i already mention that i watched the video you made of the kids at the skate park?

well, i would suggest that you pick a show that you're familiar with, obviously. that way you'll be able to write the characters well and know how to portray them. oh, you should do Secret Life! it's the easiest: make Amy whine and bitch about whatever the episode is about, and have Ben complain about not having sex with Amy. that's basically what all the episodes are about anyways. :P no, but really, don't do it on that. pick something much more interesting.

PS: Blue Scholars is coming to Hawai`i in September!! but i have no one to go with since no one i know listens to them. :/ and going to a concert alone is just sad.

PPS: i hope you like the story. it's slow, but it's a start. and feel free to trash it if you think it's bad. i take criticism well, no worries.

Bryan said...

write an episode of 30 rock! that would be cool. or...idk. that's really the only one that came to mind.

i remember seeing a few minutes of one episode of dead like me, but not liking the main girl's voice. i don't know why, but it drove me crazy. perhaps i'll give it a second chance.