July 16, 2009

Too Many Infected, Too Many Lives Diminishing

Remember this song/video?

I remember first hearing this song in 2001 (after 9/11). I was pretty young, you could say, but I thought it was really touching. I'm older now, obviously, and I still find it touching. It's a well done collaboration about serious issues (AIDS, war, poverty). I'm not surprised that, eight years later, the lyrics are still completely relevant. Saddened, yes, but not surprised.

One of my favorite lines is: 'Somebody tell me what's going on. We got human beings using humans for bombs.' I think I like it because of the multiple meanings you can get from it. The whole song is full of great lyrics--just thought I'd pick one to give a shout out to :]

Of course the original song is by Marvin Gaye (watch here), which is also a great song.

Title Song: 'What's Going On? - All-Star Tribute' - Various Artists

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scribblesofdreams said...

i remember that, and damn i haven't watched it in so long. thanks for posting it. i tried finding a list of all the performers, i know that. but i think i lost that list...

ohh. i'm not sure if i remember you saying that you didn't get to finish it. bum deals. so do they know what they're gonna do then? i was just wondering, because if your play was still going on, i was thinking that i could try to scrounge up some money to visit for a weekend to see your show.

okay, that's what i thought you meant. and now that you mentioned that book, i'm gonna go look for it. i kinda do that with some stories i've written. and i know i'm doing that for sure with the one i just started. :P

and i'm having such a hard time finding the best Jesse vid where he sings to the girl. i'll just post a random one i suppose.