July 15, 2009

It's Much Better to Face These Kinds of Things...

...With a sense of poise and rationality.

Lately, I haven't really understood why I'm babysitting these children. They practically sit themselves. Well, I take that back, I know why I'm babysitting during the hours of 7-11, but after that, there is no need for me to be there.

Like today, for example, after K got home from work, I took her to her phys. therapy appt., then T and I went to McDonald's because it reopened today (it looks very classy for a McDo's). After we picked up K from PT, we dropped off boxes at her friend's house, sat there for a while, then went to B's house because it has AC and it's about 90 degrees today. While at B's, K slept while the boys watched a movie and played in the [fenced] backyard. Meanwhile, I sat around doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Around 4:30, when K woke up, we took T to baseball practice and then she took me home (well, after we went back to her house so we could get T a pair of shorts, more practical than his cargo shorts (WTF? Think, kid), to practice in. Needless to say, that 3-3.5 hours of my day was a complete waste.

Anyhoo, B will be gone for two weeks starting next week and T will be gone for about the same amount of time starting on Wednesday of next week. I'm going to enjoy the time away and I'm hoping to find a different job so I don't have to go back to that one. Wait, is that a really passive way of going about this?

Now that I'm done with the whining...I'm going to go apply for [hopefully] my last student loan for my BA. I guess that makes my return to Linfield official...it's in writing.

Title Song: 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' - Panic! At the Disco


Bryan said...

oh you're returning to Linfield? i didn't know this...i feel happy for you, but at the same time sad. i don't know why. but it's still cool either way.
i hope you find a new job too, for your sake. i hate children sometimes. i'm totally one of those people who are like "children are monsters, but mine will be perfect" haha...
ps, my word verification is "hapho"...it looks like half-ho. hahaha.....that amuses me

scribblesofdreams said...

you're babysitting those kids because it's a job, and jobs are hard to come by in these times. that's why. plus, you're in McMinnville. not exactly a place with lots of employment opportunities.

so you ARE going back? well, it's good that you'll be finishing up with classes and all that jazz. but i do remember the conflicting stuff about returning or not. so, i've been meaning to ask, what's up with that play you wrote for Jill and Will to do? how's that coming along and is it still being put on?

in response to your comment: Raven is bomb. that video makes me laugh SO MUCH! it makes me wonder what i would do if something like that happened to me. there's these vids of Jesse singing his song "Oxygen" and bringing a girl up on the stage to sing to her. i wonder...what would i do if i actually got THAT close to him.

okay, so explain "fiction--like real people, real situations type fiction." do you mean basing my characters and events off of real people i know and just kinda fictionalizing them?