July 12, 2009

I Know That I Shouldn't Let it Get to Me

But it does, so who am I kidding?
A dead end job and a lack of family.
This town really gets to me.

I'm feeling like the worst kind of person as of late.

Title Song: 'Catastrophe' - Forever the Sickest Kids


Bryan said...

hey jamika,

i'm sorry that you feel like that. i just wanted to let you know that you are not a crappy person. in fact, you're pretty awesome. and i hope you get over the summer slumps

scribblesofdreams said...

trippy. the day before you posted this i had a pretty shitty ass day as well.

maybe we should try to find some time to have another teleconference to make us feel better. :)

AND Forever the Sickest Kids is pretty damn cool.

scribblesofdreams said...

i've avoided writing stories based here in Hawai`i for some reason. i mean, i wrote a 3 Ninjas fanfic yearssss ago when they came to Hawai`i for a tournament, but other than that, i've always written things based on the mainland...for some reason. so my story is based here in Hawai`i. and all i know is that it's gonna revolve around a character getting more in touch with her heritage, since there's a lot of heritage here.

i think (500) Days of Summer is only showing at select theatres here. which means it's at those theatres on the other side of the island from where i am. >_< grrr. i fucking love Joe! damnit.

i wanna say i have at least half the songs from their album. i think i may have deleted the ones i wasn't really into.