July 6, 2009

I Like to Rhyme. I Like My Beats Funky. I'm Spunky. I Like My Oatmeal Lumpy.

Hmm, where to start? The 4th of July was pretty fun. I got to go home. This last weekend was the first time I had been home in about 6 months. It was nice seeing family again. I also got to hang out with my long-time friend Simone for the first time in about a year or so. She just recently finished basic training for the Air Force. It's always nice to see friends that are doing positive things in life.

Thinking about the friends I consider 'keepers', I have to say that I've got some pretty good friends in my life. There are those that make life tough at times, but there are the ones that I love talking to, seeing, hearing from, etc. I won't name names, I'm sure you all know who you are. If you don't, that's my fault and I'll be sure to let you know that I value our friendship :]

On another note, I'm getting worn down when it comes to babysitting, but kids wear you down fast--they're all go-go-go. My ideal summer would have consisted of me not working and, instead, just writing. However, that's not the case and since it isn't, I have to say I'm glad that I'm babysitting Tanner. He's such a great kid--he's definitely grown on me. Last week we went to the skate park in Newberg and I filmed Tanner and two of his friends (who are also really fun to hang with) skating and biking and made a video. I tried to post it on here, but it wouldn't let me (soon, though).

I bought DVDs for the first time in a long time and boy did it feel good. Last week I bought Little Miss Sunshine and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. I heard that the latter was pitched to the production company as follows, "Six words: Will Ferrell as a NASCAR driver." (fun fact!--I'm full of them) Anyway, get this, I got them from the pawnshop in Mac and they were only 4 DOLLARS! I'm lovin' it :]

Order of Business #5: I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and I noticed that a common trend amongst those who had been blogging for a while was to have an ongoing post that consisted of 100 random facts about the person. So, since it looked like fun, I decided to do it, too. I have 4 or 5 written down already, I'll probably post that tomorrow. Be prepared to learn some fun stuff about me :]

Oh, I decorated my room. I think it looks good. Maybe I'll give a small tour in my first video blog. Not sure when I'll have that posted, but soon--this week hopefully.

Well, all you dudes and divas out there in Blogland, this is Jamika C. signing off. Remember to brush daily, keep your shoes tied and your nose out of the sky.

Title Song: I'll give you a special treat if you can tell me the name of the title song WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP! Since I have no way of knowing that you already know it, I'm just going to assume that you'll be honest.


scribblesofdreams said...

how old is Tanner? younger kids are tough to handle, i'd imagine. but you did work at KOB for a while, so that's a plus for you.

MOOOOVIES! yeah, i bought 4 in the past week or so. it does feel good. and i rented 2 from the library that i just returned today.

a lot of those 100 random facts things reminds me of the ones people put in their notes on facebook. i think i did one in high school. i also had to make a 100 things i want to do before i die lists for AP Psych.

and you should put those Bleacher Bums vids up on youtube, por favor, mahalo. :)

PS: title song is sooooo Digital Underground!! "The Humpty Dance" fo sho!! haha, i have that and just listened to it a day ago cuz i was listening to my VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's playlist. :) it's #64. "Samoans do the humpty hump!" another reason why i wanted to be Samoan. :P

Bryan said...

it's the humpty dance!!! i love that song so much. it reminds me of this one track meet, because everyone was making fun of this one kid because he liked a fat girl or something, and they kept playing the song over and over again. oh, stupid skinny track kids. haha. i'm glad that tanner is growing on you. for awhile i thought you might kill him. but it's good to know that you (probably) won't. those movies were so cheap! i wish there was a pawn shop around here. there probably is, i probably just don't know about it. but my brother gets all of these bootleg movies from an asian guy that he calls peter spielberg, so...i guess i can't really complain. i miss you. i told my brother how you always say "dumb fucking whore" and "shut the fuck up don't say shit". he likes them both. he says "what the motherfuck" all the time, and i think it's hilarious. anyway...wooo, that was long