July 6, 2009

I Said, 'Yep, What a Concept, I Could Use a Little Fuel Myself...'

And we could all use a little change.

Heeeellllooo People!

It's been a while since I last wrote or commented on any of your posts. However, I have read everything, I've just been doing it throughout the day at work, so I don't have much time to comment. But, yeah, I've definitely been keeping up with you all :)

I'm allowing myself to stay up til midnight. So, that is two extra hours of awake-ness that I can use for posting on here, commenting on your post and writing! I haven't written anything creative (well, besides the comics that I posted) since I started working this summer--and let me tell you, it's devastating. I miss it so much.

Anyhoo, I'm heading out to a Tanner's, one of the kids I babysit, birthday party. He's 10 today. He was really excited all day. I remember when birthdays excited me. Now, it's just another day.

I plan to come back and do a real update on life since the last time I posted a life update--which was sometime before the Michael Jackson post. Well, friends, I will talk to you all soon.

Also, I'm thinking I'm going to start video blogging. So, instead of just reading my words--you can sit back, close your eyes and drift away to the sound of my voice...Aren't you excited? Haha.

Title Song: 'All Star' - Smash Mouth


Bryan said...

oh my gosh video blogging! that is exciting! i'll be looking forward to that. i was thinking of making videos. but not blogs. just videos of me dancing to lady gaga hahaha. i have terrible thoughts when i'm bored.

scribblesofdreams said...

dude! you're gonna start a video blog? you're totally sealing my thunder!! :P nah nah, it's okay. i thought of doing that when i really started updating my blog in may, but the only way to do that would be with my camera and keep uploading the vids. which isn't that bad, just somewhat tedious. but yeah, maybe we can be video blog buddies!! ...fuck that was so lame. ahahaha.

i still feel shitty for not working on our script in so long. :/