September 8, 2009

'Cause Hugs Are Overrated, Just FYI

Old Business:

About last week's [Non]Fiction Friday, most of you said that you'd like to read the rest of the story. It is finished and I can post it for this week's [Non]Fiction Friday.

Also, sorry I didn't get a post up for Moral Monday. Yesterday proved to be a lot busier than I had originally planned. However, there are other Mondays, so don't you fret.

New Business:

I bring you: Text & Twitter Tuesday.

On Tuesday's I will be brightening your day with fun texts and tweets!

We'll start with texts:

Sept. 4, Bryan wrote: Haha...U always entertain me. U smart hobag haha. Except ur not a ho. Fo sho. (Thanks B-Ry)

On Sept. 1:
Julia: I think I've been listening to too much Backstreet Boys.
Me: There's no such thing as too much Backstreet Boys.
Julia: More people should recognize this fact.

Also on Sept. 1:
Me: Family Guy is on in 18 mins!
Julia: I think I may need a bowl of cereal for this occasion.
(Moments later)
Julia: All it was was cereal dust. Fuck, my mom needs to go shopping! I thought the benefit of living at home was free food and a stocked kitchen! WTF? And who the hell puts an empty cereal box back in the pantry? Rude!

On Aug. 27, I wrote: Is it sad that after I dropped my box of reese's pieces on the ground and they spilled I had to tell myself twice not to pick them out of the dirt? (Brittany promptly told me there was no shame in this because she would have picked them up...thanks, B)

Today's Twitter spotlight will be Michael Buckley. I chose him because he was the first person I knew of who used Twitter, so it's only fitting.

He's a YouTube personality (as well as a person) and has a hilarious show called, 'What the Buck?' You guys should check out his videos, I think you'll like them.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from him:

Packing for college. Im enrolling in University of Twitter tomorrow. It's really intense.
3:26 PM Sep 6th

FoxNews just said "there is quite a bit of Activia here". Haha. Did they mean activity or is Jamie Lee Curtis on the scene?
11:12 AM Jun 26th

Ordered two deep dish pizza's -40 bucks? Better come with a cute new V neck t shirt or somethin!
4:33 PM May 26th

If I had a child I am sure I would leave it on the playground by mistake and be like ...ohh shiny things....get home and be like oops!
9:40 AM May 21st

He was also interviewed recently for Hartford Advocate. He talks about Twitter and why it's awesome and how Facebook is boring with all it's ridiculous applications. I also enjoy the simplicity of Twitter. Anyhoo, check out the article, his YouTube and his Twitter. Oh, and he also does live shows on BlogTV twice a week. He really is the definition of Internet success story. I just think more people should know about him, he's great.

Title Song: 'S.O.S.' - Jonas Brothers


Bryan said...

woot i made texting tuesday! haha. that michael buckley guy seems pretty funny. i'll have to check out the links. first i wrote cheek instead of check. then i laughed because i thought of butts, and also sandy cheeks from spongebob, and then sandy butt cheeks haha. my brain is a mysterious place, apparently filled with butts

Alessa said...

Yay! Jonas Brothers! My guilty pleasure... yum.

I like texting tuesday. I may have to do a week of themed blogs. I will have to think of clever alliterations.

Also, thought that the word verification was funny today: Prigumi... funny.

scribblesofdreams said...

haha, Jonai!! that's the plural of Jonas.

i don't twitter. i don't think i will. and i was wondering where that Monday post was! haha. :P but next time dude. next time.