September 9, 2009

These Words Are My Own, From My Heart Flow

Say, 'Hello' to: Word Up! Wednesday

Word of the week: Anachronism - an artifact that is from another time.

I love watching movies or TV shows and finding anachronisms. It's kind of hard to do if the movie isn't specific about the time period, so it's a lot easier when you have movies that state the specific year.

Like in 'Now and Then' which is set in 1970, one of the girls reads a 'Babysitter's Club' book. Those books weren't published til the 80s. Fun fact, right? Yep, I'm full of them.

Favorite words read this week: People tell themselves stories and then pour their lives into the stories they tell. - Anonymous
These days, the eye in 'I' is missing. - Anonymous

Phrases that you should try to use in the next week:

o 'Fell by the wayside' - meaning something that was forgotten over time, or abandoned.
o 'As it were' - meaning something that's not exactly right, but it's practically right.
o Example: My elementary education major kind of fell by the wayside, as it were.

Do you see those two birds? Oh, you don't? Maybe it's because I just killed them with one stone. BAM!

Title Song: 'These Words' - Natasha Bedingfield


scribblesofdreams said...

anachronism, good word. Mika uses that word a lot.

i caught that in Now and Then too!! thanks for letting me borrow that over Thanksgiving break last year. that was the first time i watched it, and i still haven't found it to buy it though. (i haven't bought stuff online since i don't have a card anymore)

so i just left a comment on your previous blog before this one, and i wrote that about Jonai. and now there's a Jonai music video on Disney RIGHT NOW! weird.

Alessa said...

Aw, Jamika! Your comment made me happy. :)

We totally should get together sometime and play rock band with me. And Steven and Bree too. Steven could bring his guitar, drums, mic, etc... whatever and we could be The Beatles. Or, I could just bring my guitar and game to Steven's. But my place does have more space and a puppy. Either way, one weekend when we just need a break it would be a good way to spend that break.

And I might take you up on the venting offer. I mean, I do vent to Ben, but sometimes it's nice to have someone else who might be going through the same thing or isn't just going to pat me on the back and say it's ok. Sometimes I just want to talk to someone not have them solve my problems. So thanks for that. That means a lot to me.

Also, I like the word anachronism. I have never heard of it. Cool!