October 27, 2009

Don't Forget the Innuendo, Play Me Like Nintendo

Text me! Tweet you!

First: Blogger still doesn't show when you guys post something new, so sorry if I'm slow to read your posts. I don't know what's up.

Anyway, some fun texts from Alessa:

'I eat tast-pie in my underpants.'
'I believe it's my civil doody to BRYAN!... eat tasty-pie.'

Last night, in the theatre, we spoke a lot about how the word 'duty' (doody) makes us laugh. As well as, dookie. But enough about those words.

Bryan: Do you remember when we were going to (maybe coming from) Cirque de Soliel and Alessa called your name, but didn't remember saying it? Yeah, we had some good laughs about that last night, too.

Also, here's a text from my mom that made me smile:

'Now get up and greet your world. Brighten someone's day. Create a moment.' :) I love her.

Noooow, for some tweets.

This person's handle is 'roughdiction' I don't really know who this person is, I just came across his page through someone else's. I find him pretty funny, though.

He tweets:

Who needs a #FF from @sween? If wanted Canadian followers, I would put Céline Dion in the trunk of my Buick and haul ass across the border.
8:10 PM Oct 22nd

(#FF = Follow Friday, for you non Twitter-ers. It's when you tell the people who follow you about others they might enjoy following)

Facebook was created by terrorists to lull us into a false sense of security through the success of our farmville crops.
2:02 PM Oct 20th

If I wanted to be wrong all the time, my chosen profession would involve more Math.
5:39 AM Oct 16th

Vengeance may be sweet but I've always preferred cheesecake.
5:51 PM Oct 15th

All the yoga didn't help with my premature ejaculation but now I'm flexible enough to suck my own dick so it doesn't matter.
9:31 AM Oct 11th

If I lie still, maybe work will just go away.
4:37 AM Oct 6th

Your breasts look very peaceful when you sleep but this window keeps getting all steamed up.
5:39 PM Oct 3rd

If I ever say anything that causes you to develop respect for me, just imagine me jerking off on your favorite area rug.
6:24 PM Oct 1st

And here's a random tweet I just found kind of funny:

kolchak: You cannot avoid being mocked by the bird. It's right in his fucking name.
8:32 PM Aug 19th

S'all for today, friends. Hope you had some fun with it.

Title Song: 'Come Baby, Come' - K7


scribblesofdreams said...

I wrote it down that I have to say "duty" when I'm up at Linfield. :P And those are some amusing tweets. If I had a twitter, I'd consider (that part rhymed) following some of the same people you do.

I remember that "Come Baby, Come" song from Stick It. Haha.


Accidentally On Purpose is pretty good. It's like a bunch of other comedies out there, and I guess it is like Knocked Up but I've never seen that movie. So I can't really say. But the characters are funny, and the main guy that gets her pregnant, that actor is the brother of Ben Foster, from Flash Forward. :) Loved that show. LOVED it.

What's The Cleveland Show? I haven't heard of it before.

Alessa said...


Just thinking about you saying doodie makes me laugh. I miss you.

Dookie! Hahahahahahahahaha!