October 7, 2009

We Are the Music Makers, and We Are the Dreamers of Dreams

For Word Up Wednesday I'm going to tell you about...

Words I'm reading:
for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf a choreopoem by Ntozake Shange. I'm really liking it so far.

Words I last watched play out on a screen:
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. No surprise there, right? As I watched it last night, I realized (yet again) how great of a movie it is. Gene Wilder is just amazing, and the writing is great.

Words I've sang along with:
'You Found Me' by The Fray
'Second Chance' by Shinedown
'Her Diamonds' by Rob Thomas
'I Didn't Know My Own Strength' by Whitney Houston

Words that made me laugh:
For one of the best parts skip to 1:50.

I love Chelsea Handler and her "nugget" (as she so fondly calls him), Chuy.

Words I've written:
"First of all, my lying isn't a problem. If I wanted to stop, I could and I would. However, I don't want to. I mean, why would I? This is the best sport I've ever played." -- From a short, untitled fiction piece I'm working on for class. Maybe I'll post it here when I'm done.

Well, that's it for today. This, by the way is my 99th post! Maybe I'll have a cupcake when I post my 100th (probably not, though).

Title Quote: Gene Wilder as 'Willy Wonka'


Alessa said...

I actually know what you are reading! I quoted it in some piece of writing I had to do for class... of for some sort of research bit. But, I think I have read some of it.

And I LOVE Willy Wonka. I have the song that he sings when he brings the kids into the main part of the factory.

I like your word up wednesday. Also, it was good to see you today. I hope one of these days, when we are so busy, we will actually get to hang out. Miss your face!

Brittany Dalberg said...

I loved the Chelsea Handler video. She is a dirty saint. haha! Chewy is a little fucker (how much does the Challa cost?) hahahahahaha...

Kinda makes me wanna be a Jew.

scribblesofdreams said...

HOLLA BITCHES! :) Good vid.

Your excerpt that you wrote reminds me of that new movie coming out, The Invention of Lying. And it is an impressive thing, because some people make a profession out of it. Kinda like professional beggars.