November 5, 2009

T-N-T! We Blow It Up Like, 'BOOM!'

So, for Throwback Thursday I'm going to talk about high school.

Yeah, I know, high school is such a bittersweet time (or maybe just a bitter time for some), but every so often something crosses my mind and I just get all nostalgic. I was just looking at the group dedicated to my high school on Facebook and I went and looked up the school's website.

I miss a lot the friends I had in high school. I miss playing sports. I miss being on the step team. I miss a lot of my teachers. I miss the feeling of being on top of the world as a senior.

I went to:
Stadium High School

Home of the Tigers

Colors: Blue & Gold

Class of: 2005

Extracurriculars (Non-Sport):
-Top Notch Tigers or TNT (Step Team)
-Stadium World (Newspaper)
-Student Store
-Drill Team

-Track & Field (more field than track)

Fun & Random Facts:
-I tried out for the cheerleading team
-I was kicked out of class once for receiving a piece of cake for my birthday
-I was once threatened, by another black student, that he had friends in the KKK who would "punish" me for being a "Black girl who was too proud" ...he seriously had issues being black
-I accidentally sent a chain email to my basketball coach that was all about the benefits of sex; he sent a response that simply said, "You better not be doing this." I wasn't.
-I was almost suspended on the last day of school, within 15 minutes of the final bell ringing

Notable Teachers:
-Coach Clark (Basketball)
-Ms. Perkins (Freshman & Junior English)
-Mrs. Keeney (WA State History, Psych)
-Chief Harkness (JROTC)
-Mr. Kasner (French)
-Mrs. Dell (ASL)
-Mr. Dale  (Pre-Calculus)
-Mr. Buchholz (World Issues)
-Mr. Cartledge (Health)
-Mrs. Anderson (Dance)
-Mr. Chandler (Senior English)
-Ms. Gilson (Photography)

Favorite Subjects:
-Being a T.A.

Most Hated Subjects:
-Math, during the "Integrated Math" debacle

Favorite Hangouts:
-Coach's classroom

Favorite Year:
-Junior year, hands down. Senior year was great, but so many marvelous things happened during that 3rd year.

Fight Song:
Go, Stadium Tigers,
Fight the Blue-Gold way,
We've the vim, we're here to win
For this is Stadium's day,
Go, Stadium Tigers,
Fight for you and me.
We've got the spirit,
You're gonna hear it.
Lead our team to victory!
Go Tigers, go!
Fight Tigers, fight!
Goooooooo Tigers!

Anyway, thanks for indulging me on my trip down memory lane. Feel free to share anything from your high school days :)

Title Song: One of the call-outs to start a step routine


scribblesofdreams said...

This post is pretty rad. I think about high school way too much. Good or bad thing? Anyways, I remember you telling me about that chainmail you sent your bball coach. It was hilarious when you told it to me then, it's STILL hilarious now. :]

...Why would you get kicked out for getting a piece of cake for your birthday?

I think my junior year was my favorite too. Even though that's the year of the big junior prom fiasco with my not-anymore-best-friend, but drama (theatre) was excellent that year.

I think I might bite this and do it on my school.

Don said...

That's a nifty looking high school. Where is it located? Disney World. LOL. And I too share a dislike for Algebra II and Trig.

My memories: Man, I've went to so many high schools I can't name. One of my most memorable was the incredible size of Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando Florida. Looked like a shopping mall.

Besides that, being an honor student and star football player during my 10th and 11th grade year is always a great memory.

Brittany Dalberg said...

I'm super jealous of your good memories of high school. First of all, you went to the best-teen movie-ever high school. Too bad Heath Ledger wasn't really a student there (and too bad you were only in middle school at that time.)

Let me see...
high school for me...sucked. But I'm gonna try and focus on the positive aspects.

Extra curriculars:
-Cross Country Running
-National Honor Society
-First Chair Clarinet in band
-Academic Decathlon
-Student Council

Graduating GPA: 3.8

Favorite class:
independent art (I painted with oils for an entire semester, no mandatory assignments.)
Also, I loved my honors english class, but that was canceled my senior year, since budget cuts were so in vogue at the time...

Favorite teacher:
Mr Marshall, who was also my cross country running coach. But then he never wrote me that letter of recommendation he'd promised me...which totally broke my heart.

-I never once got detention

-We didn't have hot water in our building

-I graduated with 51 students

-My freshman year, during a science fair, my friend and I did our project on bioluminescence, using chemicals that were illegal to ship through the US mail.

-My junior year I wrote a book for an environmental contest, and won 3rd place. I had to go to this huge republican dinner and receive a scholarship from Ted Stevens.

-I traveled to Mexico and England for my spanish and english class.

-I had a different best friend each year, for different reasons. My freshman year, all my best friends dumped me because I wouldn't go to their church.

- I went to my senior prom dateless.

That's just the beginning. Believe me, I hated high school, but I LOVED LINFIELD. I miss you Jamika!