November 30, 2009

Wake Up in the Mornin' Feelin' Like P. Diddy

Hey! It certainly has been a while. Sorry I didn't get the chance to write over the past week. Hope everyone had a decent holiday. I just wanted to update since I haven't in a while. I'll try to throw in a letter for Missive Monday towards the end.

Some Thoughts From the Week:

o I'm not one for all of the turkey and stuffing, but my grandma makes some of the best desserts ever! (Hummingbird Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, etc.) There are some gifted bakers in my family.

o There is nothing like the holidays with my family.

o I've decided to write a screenplay about my family family on Thanksgiving. The world could use more movies to watch on Thanksgiving...not just Christmas movies.

o Though holidays should be joyful times, terrible, unexplainable and devastating things still happen.

o Holidays always bring a sense of hope, even when it's hard to be hopeful.

o Riding a wave of hope, my family bought lottery tickets this week. The Mega Millions jackpot is up to $57 Million and the Hit 5 jackpot is up to $470,000. My fingers are crossed.

o I've come to realize that there will always be people in your family that you love, but you don't like. Bad people are everywhere and you can't expect your family to be exempt from that. I'm not naive, I've known this for a long time, but no one wants to admit it. People can change, people can redeem themselves, but often they're stuck in their ways and they won't. But you can change your situation by getting out of it.

o Tacoma is a beautiful place. I'm glad I grew up there.

So, I only have 20 days until I'm done with Linfield. Craaaazy. The last time I posted how many days I had left, it was 100 and that seems like it wasn't even that long ago. This semester sure has flown by. I only wish I had a job. But, I have no doubt something wonderful will come my way, something usually does. It just takes some time.

So, I'm still on the hunt for a one is hiring. Well, I could probably find a job at a coffee shop or pizza place, and I know this is the wrong time to be picky, but I don't want to settle for a job I don't want to do. Maybe that's wrong of me, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Now, I have something to offer you guys:

Alright, have you guys heard of Google Wave? I just got an invite to preview it. With the invite comes 8 more invites. It's really cool, but it's something that's cool when people you know use it too. You can do all kinds of collaborating on projects and stuff, or interactive type emails. It's hard to explain as well as the Google peeps do, but I think it'd be fun to try out with you guys.

That being said: do any of you want an invite so I can have people to play around with on it?  You can also go on YouTube and search for it and you can watch videos, made by Google, that'll tell you what it's about.

I have to start packing so I'm not doing it all at one time. I'm the worst at packing, though, so we'll see how this goes.

On a musical note (haha, musical note), here's a song that I grew to love over the last week. It's called 'Super Jerkin'' by Keke Palmer. I love it. She had a contest going, so the beginning of the video is about that. You can just skip to the two minute mark to hear the song.

Don't forget to let me know if you want to try Google Wave :)

Alrighty, I'm gonna have to do a Missive Monday post later.

Title Song: 'TiK ToK' - Ke$ha


scribblesofdreams said...

There SHOULD be more Thanksgiving stories. It's such the underdog holiday. this lady in my Hawaiian class said, we shouldn't just celebrate one day of family and togetherness. It should be like that all the time. But family, nowadays, aren't like how it used to be.


That's a very elaborate jerk dance. But I like it.

All right. So, First year at Linfield Bree introduced me to Myxer, do you remember? And I, I did. I did go crazy and downloaded a shitload of ringtones. Even made some of my own. But then When I got my Verizon phone I tried going to the site and I saw that you had to pay for it. But THEN just now I went to check it out again, and I saw that some of the ringtones are free! But the thing is, I can't access the internet on my phone. >_< I even downloaded it on Mika's phone (since she has web access) but it can't be send to my phone because the format doesn't match up! It's so lame! But I'll find a way around it. Oh, I will.

And I've been meaning to finish up my PostSecret postcard. I started it last week but haven't finished drawing it. This would be my second one I send it. Have you ever sent any?

Don said...

The only thing better than spending holidays with your family is winning all that money. LOL.