December 3, 2009

I Know Your Deepest Secret Fear

I know everything.
Everything you do.
Everywhere you go.
Everyone you know.

I'm going to throw it back to 1996, to Nickelodeon's first feature film:

'Harriet the Spy'

This trip of nostalgia stems from the discovery that there will be a TV movie coming out next year sometime that is also called 'Harriet the Spy'.
Different directors:
Old: Bronwen Hughes
New: Ron Oliver

Different writers:
Old: Greg Taylor, Julie Talen, Douglas Petrie, Theresa Rebeck
New: Alexandra Clarke, Heather Conkie

Different production companies:
Old: Nickelodeon, Paramount, Rastar
New: Disney, 9 Story

Similar plots:
Old: You guys pretty much know how it went.
New: Young spy, Harriet Welsch, crosses paths with popular student, Marion Hawthorne, as the two girls vie to become official blogger of their high school class.
(Notice it's 'blogger' and not 'editor of the school paper'...way to update it for '00's, Disney)

So, I think it's same name, but not supposed to be a remake. However, the plots seem to parallel each other. But Harriet was in middle school in the old movie. Also, this one doesn't mention her spy notebook being maybe there's none of that, "My friends hate me, I'm a terrible spy" business. Not that I didn't love it.

Well, knowing myself, I'll probably watch it just so I can see how it is. Since it's a (free) TV movie, I'll be able to see it when it comes out and not wait until I can find it online somewhere, haha.

Anyhoo, hope everything is great with you guys. Later days.

Title Song: 'The Spy'  - The Doors

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scribblesofdreams said...

When I first found out about this, I was genuinely pissed. Harriet The Spy was the BEST! And I literally went through a spy/detective phase for about 6, 7 years. This movie was the foundation of that phase.

And taking out the part about her notebook...that's a big thing to be missing from this new one. Even though it's not identical to the original, it's pretty damn frickin close to it! But you're right, I'll probably watch it as well. Hopefully it turns out better than expected. Like 10 Things I Hate About Me.