January 26, 2010

Just a Day. Just An Ordinary Day...

Hello and a happy Tuesday evening to you all. 

I've come to realize: Putting hard work into something, rewards you in the end. In big and unexpected ways.

For the past year I've been working on a screenplay. Actually, it's a little past a year to the day that I started writing it. And now, a year and some-odd-days later, I have a final draft.

It's amazing to see how much it has changed from the first draft. It went from a random idea, to something I am extremely proud of. 

I can't imagine it being what it is without all of the support and feedback I got while I was writing it. Classmates, friends, professors. 

I've always enjoyed that part of writing: the collaboration. Getting critiques, hearing ideas, getting questioned about things I never thought about. I love it; all of it. I constantly learn from it, constantly become a better writer. And a better person.

I've noticed, when I'm writing, I tend to focus on what people say; how they speak. Writing has made me a better listener. 

I've found myself more sympathetic to, and interested in, situations I might not have even wondered about before. I'm finding what makes people tick more and more intriguing. I'm finding that every story can be worthwhile and every quirk is part of someone's history (though, sometimes annoying).

I was kind of in denial yesterday as I stood over that hunk-of-junk printer in Renshaw and watched as it (slowly) printed off all 111 pages. Today, I am a bit lost as I have so much time on my hands.

What's a girl to do? I feel like I should go celebrate, have a drink or two (or five), but here I am, broke and sleepy. That's alright, though, I'll just have a low-key celebration. 

Tonight, I think I'll pour myself a nice, tall glass of...water, plop down in front of the television, watch some Chelsea Lately and SVU and then go to bed.

As for tomorrow? I'll wake up and start thinking about my next writing project. 

I hope it'll take me on the same exhilarating ride.

And he said: 
"Take my hand; 
Live while you can.
Don't you see? 
Your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand."


Title Song: 'Ordinary Day' - Vanessa Carlton


Don said...

I've found myself more sympathetic to, and interested in, situations I might not have even wondered about before.

Indeed. This is one of the main reasons why I continue to enjoy blogging just as much as reading and writing. Having completed a novel [dialogue somewhat equals screenplay], and taken a screenwriting class a few years ago, I love indulging into the different mentalities and emotions of people [characters].

J. Cordelia said...

@Don -- That's awesome that you've finished a novel. What genre? Was it published? If not, that's still amazing. It takes a lot of work and determination.

Brittany Dalberg said...

!!!! yayayay !!!!

so what's the next step, starting today?

Also, are you growing out your hair?