January 25, 2010

Shawty's Like a Melody in My Head That I Can't Keep Out

Got me singin' like,
"Na na na na" everyday.
It's like my iPod's stuck on replay.

Dear friends,
Here are some videos for your viewing pleasure:

Some thoughts from the past couple of weeks:

And who doesn't love outtakes?:

Yours in blog,

Title Song: 'Replay' - Sean Kingston


scribblesofdreams said...

That was just a bundle of randomness. Lovely! Was Obama's favorite movie of the year really Avatar?! Oh man, Uncle Barry, I gotta have a talk with that one. :P How're the movies in Miguel's class going?

Dude. Wish you were here in Hawai`i, don'tcha?! Hehe. It's actually been overcast, and it POURED last night. But, it still beats the northwest weather. For sure.


Yeah, it's pretty shitty not having a car for several reasons. And tomorrow's his birthday, so, even more lame. >_<

I've pretty much got the lines down for my scene. I have to work on character, though. I have to be super fidgety and nervous, like I really don't wanna be there at all. Plus, I need to work on crying on cue. Ugh. SO lame.

Sidan Archion said...

You moved between subjects too quickly. Couldn't focus... Avatar sucks...