February 22, 2010

Tell Me, Tell Me Whatcha Said

Happy Monday, Children. So, I've decided to do something a little different. I've been thinking about it for a while, and finally I figured, why not? 

With that, I want to tell you all that I've decided to start another blog. Instead of being a blog about my day-to-day, it's about my opinions of the nonsensical things in this world. A (hopefully) amusing take on the hot messes of the world.

The blog is officially titled: Strictly For Suckers: Just a Little Nonsense.

I'll post multiple times throughout the day, so you can check randomly when you're bored, or you can check it at the end of the day before you hit the sheets. They're all short posts, so they'll be quick and easy to read.

Of course, I'll still be posting on this blog, but I thought it'd be fun to do something else as well. I'll be posting there when I'm not out looking for a job...

The first posts on Strictly For Suckers will be up shortly. It is 6:10PM (PST) at the moment, so if you're reading this after 6:45PM, I'm sure there's already some posts up, so go check it out.

Also, look out for a really awesome video that has to do with me and my favorite late night show: Chelsea Lately!

Talk to you all soon.

Title Song: 'Whatcha Say?' - Jason Derulo

1 comment:

scribblesofdreams said...

I now follow your new blog!

Damn, you are gonna post a lot during the day. :P There's already 6 posts up or something like that. Bueno.

Oh, and I saw a commercial on MTV that they're having this college step team competition show coming up soon. For schools in the south, girl step teams, I guess? Have you heard about it? I thought of you when I saw it, since you're the only one I know that's ever been on a step team.