February 25, 2010

I'm Movin' On

I've been doing a lot of reading of blogs as of late, and as I've been reading, I've noticed a lot of them were blogs hosted on tumblr.com. I did some investigating of Tumblr and have decided I like it a lot better than Blogger.

Blogger is cool, but it's very, very basic, and sometimes when I look at my blog it all seems so cluttered. Tumblr is more organized looking, it has more templates (and allows you make your own), you can update from Twitter and it can automatically update Twitter when you post something. You can even call a number and leave a voice recording as a post, how cool is that?

Main point of this post is, once I figure out how to import this blog to Tumblr, I'll be switching blog hosts. There's a way to do it, it has to do with RSS feeds and all that technical mumbo-jumbo, so I just have to take the time to read the directions.

Title Song: 'Movin' On' - Mya

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