March 1, 2010

I'm the Next Big Thing

I'm posting this here, too, in case some of you didn't see it on the my other blog.

If you have Twitter, you can follow all of the comedians of Chelsea Lately HERE. It's a Twitter List I made so I could see all of their tweets at once.

Now, the post:

Brad Wollack, one of the comedians that works on Chelsea Lately, was doing a live stream on USTREAM. I decided to check it out because he's a funny guy and I wanted to see what he was going to be talking about. I was surprised when I got there because he was filming from the Chelsea Lately "Media Lounge" and almost all of the comedians that work on the show, including Chelsea Handler, were hanging around.

Anyway, while he was streaming, I was able to send IMs that he was able to see. So, I decided to ask for a shout out. I figured, "What the hell, it can't hurt." Well, ask and you shall receive.

If you don't care for the show, or if you do care for the show and not for the backstage chatter, skip ahead to the 4:57 mark to hear Brad Wollack and Jen Kirkman mention me! I was pretty much ecstatic, haha.

Pretty awesome, no? I'm pretty much famous now.

Title Song: 'Beverly Hills' - Weezer

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Sidan Archion said...

That was awesome! Is that all they do is just hang out and cause chaos?