April 30, 2010

I'm so amazing... And if I ever get off this couch, I'll be unstoppable!

'Ello mates. What's good with you all? It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote. I know. You all have missed my ramblings terribly, right? Of course (and if you haven't, let just pretend, mmkay?). 

Boy, has something changed my life in a big way. However, to tell you about it would require a lot of writing, so I'll probably just put it in my memoirs--which I plan to pen in the near future--and you can all read it later. I'm mostly kidding. I really just don't feel like typing it all out (but I do plan to write some kind of memoir).

Anyway, stuff from the past couple of weeks:

I didn't make it to 100 pages for my Script Frenzy script. Did anyone actually think I'd do it? Why, thank you, lone man raising a hand in the back of the room, I appreciate your vote of confidence. But who are we kidding? I spend way too much time watching Chelsea Lately and learning Det. Benson's monologues from SVU reruns to actually get anything done. I did get to about 70 pages, so I'd like to think there's a good chance I'll finish the script eventually since I'm over halfway there.

The Celtics are in the second round of the playoffs! I know not many of you are basketball fans, but I'm SUPER excited about it.

Have any of you had a Pepperidge Farm cookie called a TimTam? They're Australian (are you surprised? Great things come from Australia [not that I can name many things beyond their accents and these cookies]) and they're absolutely delicious. I just recently learned that they're not available during the summer. That's as dumb as the Girl Scout Cookie selling season (John Mulaney would agree). You guys should try some before they are taken off the grid like like a suspected terrorist.

In other disappearance news: I positively adore Sandra Bullock. She disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa (too soon?) only to come back with divorce papers and cute little baby named Louis! I couldn't be happier for her; you'd think she was my best friend. And a heap of props to her for adopting a kid from the U.S.

I don't know if I've ever actually proclaimed my love for Twitter, so I want to do that now.  I LOVE TWITTER! It's so great. Especially, especially, when you get lucky enough to have short conversations with celebs you follow.

I also love Tumblr. But for different reasons.

In the next few weeks I have quite a bit to look forward to.

Some of those things:
-I'm going to try to write a stage play... again.
-I'm going to write a TV pilot for a competition.
-I'm going to write a spec script for a different competition.
-I'm going to buy Steven his first legal drink.

Going. Going. Going.

Well, I'm going to go do something else because I'm tired of talking to you losers (only kidding, course).

Next time, Gadget. Next time.

Title Quote: 'Roseanne Conner' - Roseanne


Vicki said...

YAY I'm first to comment on this awesome blog of awesomeness! I'd like to think we were somehow linked in both staying up 'late' to write, and that this counts as having a writing party. I soooo miss those.

But I am slightly drunk from tiredness (no, no alcohol involved, I swear. my spelling is too good for that) so I will (try) not (to) ramble on too much longer.

Yay for getting down 70 pages this month! You'll have to let me know if it's any good. I'm still waiting to see your Thesis get reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes Anticipatron (and/or see commercials for it on TV in general).

Those Australian cookies sound interesting. Unless they have coconut, in which case they sound icky. Remember, summer for us is winter for them. Yes, they have to endure Christmas in the middle of summer.

Dude, you have to tell me when you're coming down here so I can write it in my schedule and on the work calendar to get it off. 'Cept I don't have a work calendar, so that part will be super-duper easy.

Eyes drooping, spelling beginning to fail, ramble over. <3

Word Verification: undepip
Used in a Sentence: The word undepip makes me giggle.

Kristina said...

hi. hi.
when are you going to oregon?
I'm going friday may 7th.

which is week from today. how exciting.

hope to see you!

scribblesofdreams said...

You lucky assholes get to go to Linfield. NO FAIR!

At least you kept with Script Frenzy longer than I did. I honestly didn't think the show would get in the way of doing it, but it did. Of course it did. I'd like to go back to that script too, I quite liked it.

And sometime we need to get back to OUR script as well. :]

Dude. So I'm banned from speaking about basketball at work with my boss, Jeff, and my coworker Kawika. Simply because I said that I'm a Celtics fan!! They hate the Celtics, so when we were watching the playoffs on Tuesday, I made the mistake of speaking their name. :P Silly people, haha. But yeah, my dad's super pumped too, Celtics are his favorite team everrr.

And I hope that life changing things is going well, or will go well once things get rolling. It's pretty epic, I'd say.

PS: We really need to try and recruit people to go to Tumblr. At least Brittany's there now!

Don said...

Seventy pages is just as good if you ask me. You appear to own a passion for writing so I would have been the first to believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to, involving writing.

OK so I see that you REALLY do love SVU. Hahahahaha. Good deal.

Yep. Twitter can be pretty cool at times. I am off and on, mainly during sporting events and award shows and what not.

I had hoped that Boston would take Game 1. KG came out like the Garnett of old. I wish he could have sustained that level of play the entire game.

You are quite the lexicon with the pen judging by the projects you have chose to partake. I believe I need to keep my eye on you. A very talented writer, you most definitely are.