April 15, 2010

Where You Been, Girl?

I've been:

Lurking around the Internet. 

Reading all of your blog posts. 

Neglecting my own blogs.

Applying for jobs.

Interviewing with AmeriCorps.

Working on my (untitled) 
Script Frenzy screenplay.

Watching Chelsea Lately, SVU, Modern Family,
Mercy, LostParenthood & Glee.

Thinking about starting an 
advice vlog (thoughts?).

Wondering about Sandra Bullock 
(yes, really).

Playing with my new phone.

Meeting other writers in Tacoma.

Thinking about California.

Hanging with family.

Searching for family.

Finishing up Harry Potter 
and the Deathly Hallows (finally).

Wondering why Heidi Montag might get a 
screenplay produced before I do.

Thinking about Linfield.

Hearing Linfield gossip.

Feeling happy that
I'm not at Linfield.

Missing friends.

Shaking my head.

Loving how karma works.

Having vivid dreams.

Having family game nights.


StormyWolf said...

Actually, I find I often have to force myself to read.

My mom's vegging in front of the TV, which makes me depressed, so I usually try to zone out on the computer. Some of the distractions I find happen to be lit on DeviantArt, which I read and try my best to comment on.

When not on the computer, I'm usually up late watching the shows I taped, or AdultSwim. Or perhaps watching trash and playing my gameboy.

Library books or book club picks are usually what guilt me into reading. And even then, I wait until 1 or 2 days before they're due and pull all-nighters. *pokes Hitchhiker's Guide* Motivate me, stupid book.

I miss our awesome all-nighters too. The fact you have a script going this month makes me jealous. I was all pumped to try Script Frenzy, but found myself without 'time' to do anything. Heh. Right. And now the month's already halfway over. You keep going strong, and I wanna read whatchu got at the end ;D

As for book suggestions, I don't really know what sort of books you like to read. Heat Wave by Richard Castle was good, though it'll probably get you hooked on another show (Castle on ABC). I'm actually just about to write a review of it. I really like Patricia Briggs' series: Moon Called is the first one, about werewolves, shapeshifters, fae, and more. That's it off the top of my head.

Good to hear from you, and congrats on your accomplishments (Scripts and finishing HP!). I'd definitely read or watch an advice blog or vlog, if your busy schedule can accommodate one ;D.

Word Verification: blechefa
Used in a sentence: That's the biggest blechefa I've ever seen.

Alessa said...

Ah, Thanks Jamika. I tried to channel you and Zaida but, he can just be too much for me sometimes. I actually didn't give enough credit to Janet. She really did fight for me. She all but told Matt to fuck off and not use Chris. She was brutally honest with him. And she kept telling me not to give up Chris. She fought way harder than I did. I just got so fed up with Matt and him being the biggest stubborn ass ever that I had to leave. But, Janet really did do a lot. I think Matt got a painful realization that Janet really does think he is an ass. He told him she didn't think he would make it in the real world and she is surprised that he always gets his all the time and now she knows its because he bullies people into getting what he wants and she's not surprised that people dislike him so much anymore. So, thank you for thinking of me. But I was just so mad at Matt I didn't do justice for Janet. But, A lot of people have been telling me karma will find him and I am a better person. And I thank you for that. You are a good friend. I am so grateful for you, steve, and Zaida. I really am. MISS YOU!

Tahereh said...

wow! busy busy!! best of luck with everything :D