December 13, 2009

There's a Special Kind of Feeling in the Air

It only happens at this time of year
When everyone is filled with love and cheer
'Cause that's what matters

Lately, my world has been filled with nothing but writing. No, I'm not complaining. I'm super happy that I'm finally done with the screenplay for my independent study. It was a tough script to write and I'm not too sure I'm happy with the ending, but eventually I'll come back to it and revise it to my liking. I was up until around 8am finishing it the other night/morning, so I definitely put in work to finish the draft. It'll be nice to get a break from it though. Now I can finally finish up stuff for my portfolio in my fiction class.

Another thing I've been doing is reading a lot of screenplays. Most recently I've read: Precious, It's Complicated and The Blind Side. I'm trying to decide between An Education, Up in the Air, A Single Man and Sin Nombre. I probably won't read A Single Man right away. I've only seen the preview and it didn't really make me want to see it, so I'm in no hurry. It looked like the kind of preview that producers whip together when the movie isn't actually all that great.

The last movie I watched was Shrink. It stars Kevin Spacey as a therapist to the stars whose wife just recently died. He's trying to help his really eccentric patients, while he's barely functioning. The movie has a real Crash feeling to it. The lives of random people intersect in different ways. It's not as heavy as Crash. I enjoyed it, though. I've watched it twice already.

So, just a week until I'm done with Linfield! Crazy how fast this semester has gone. I've applied for a couple of jobs, I hope to hear back from at least one of them soon, we'll see. Fingers crossed.

Other than writing, reading and watching movies. I've been listening to Christmas music!

I guess I don't really have too much to talk about. The main thoughts on my brain last week were:

-It's cold
-I have to pack
-I don't want to pack
-That screenplay
-I hate the cold
-Directing scenes
-Getting a job
-Thank you cards
-Being a stand-up comedian
-Oh, and, it's cold and I hate it

But yeah, that's that.

Oh, except for this commercial. I laugh every time it comes on.

Haha, good stuff.

Title Song: 'Greatest Time of Year' - Aly & AJ

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scribblesofdreams said...

Glad you finished your screenplay!! What was the final count of pages?

No one wanted to go see Precious with me. All my friends said that "it's too real" for them. But, I mean, that's one of the points. It IS real, this kind of thing does happen and it's about time someone does a story about it. But, I guess I can accept the fact that some of my friends are lame movie-goers and only settle for boring Blockbuster flicks.

The Blind Side was good! Kinda longish, but good. And I think Kailey told me about Shrink freshman year, but I've never actually seen it. Dude, I seriously wanna get Netflix, but that's another $15 a month. :/

Gosh, Christmas music. In December that's the ONLY kind of music we can play at work. So I've literally downloaded more than 50 Christmas songs in one week. And I'm so sick of it now.

I feel for you, that's freezing cold up there...while it's a nice mid-80s right now, with the sun making my leg really hot right now as I type this. :P BUT. But. There isn't any breeze at all, so it's pretty fucking ridiculous to be out in the sun.